Quite the Assemblage


Mr. Chipmunk bounced ahead of me down the walkway.

I found his hideout under the raised bed of herbs.

Hiding in the shadows.  Discovered and photographed.

Quite the assemblage of activity in our birdhouses.


Well hidden in the hibiscus bush, the robins

built a concealed nest.  Stealthily they feed their offspring.

Above on the wires, Mrs. Robin watches us.  Beak

full of worms for her young. Warning sounds.


We retreat from the front porch to allow

her to safely feed her hatchlings.  Pardon us!

The squirrels pay no heed as they scour the ground

for something to nibble on.   More activity in


the three-story birdhouse where the sparrows

have taken up residence.  Rivalry between the

sparrows and wrens continues.  Ongoing preparations

to gather something to feed the young birds.


The cycles of life fascinate and capture our eyes

and ears.  We yield to our creatures of nature to

allow them to go about their normal activities. 

My Dad taught me well.  He allowed the robins


to nest in our apple trees undisturbed.  He never

sprayed the trees so we had no apples to eat.

His “live and let live” principles guided us. The

Cub scouts picked up apples from the ground


to feed horses.  My Dad is also the one who would

pick up worms from the driveway after a rainstorm and

place them back into the lawn.  He taught us about

kindness, caring and love by his life’s examples.


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6 Responses to Quite the Assemblage

  1. Emily says:

    Beautiful Oasis xoxo

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  2. R says:

    All God’s creatures are great! These are some of the smaller ones!

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  3. cindy knoke says:

    What fun Mary Ann. Made me smile დ

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