My Talking Trees


When I peruse my garden flowers, bushes, and trees,

it is almost as if we communicate with one another.  So

much beauty to behold in nature.  Therapy.  As if on

cue, I spy a new color and hear the rustle as the


branches sway in the breeze.  Trees speak in a

confidential manner.  Listen!  They whisper to

one another as they notice my presence.  Lest

I forget who really owns the flowers, the birds


chirp incessantly the closer I get to their space!

As if to tell me to stay away from the nests and

birdhouses.  My husband sought shade near the

river birch tree and was shooed away.  I found


him sitting under the apple trees instead.  Our fine

feathered friends inform us as to where we

should be.  After all, it is their domain.  Amusing

how we attempt to co-exist in peace.  Retreating


to his usual spot on the front porch, my husband

noticed a very hungry chipmunk busy chomping

on a geranium blossom.  Did you ever wonder

what all the creatures think of human beings?


Often, I mistake a chipmunk chirp for a bird.

I must focus and listen carefully.  After

dark when I check the yard, I am entertained by

a hopping rabbit.  It has a favorite spot


near the apple trees.  Too early for apples to

fall on the ground!  Meanwhile, Mr. Chipmunk

scampers nimbly and playfully across the short

garden wall.  I take time to smell the roses too.


As I photographed some of the pink beauties,

my head hit the birdhouse above.  Well, I was

loudly informed by the wren inhabitants.  I

beat a hasty retreat and quietly watched indoors.



Vocalizations include chips, chucks, and trilling alarm calls. In fact, chipmunks are so talkative, and their high-pitched communications are so ubiquitous, many people mistake them for bird calls. Click and listen:

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14 Responses to My Talking Trees

  1. Magical and musical musings of nature–love them! Our birds are constantly in scolding chatter when we near their nests. We are blessed by the wonders that surround us Have a beautiful weekend, Mary Ann. 🐿🦅🌳🌼 ❤

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    • Bette, thank you for the insightful comment and emojiis! We are truly blessed by Mother Nature’s abundance which entertains and brings us joy. Have a great weekend and listen to your trees! oxox 🌲🦅🌼 ❤

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  2. You bet! 🌳🌲🌻🐦

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  3. Eileen Clark says:

    Hello, beautiful pictures ! =^..^=

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  4. Emily says:

    Beautiful and so much nature to relax and enjoy right outside the house! Xoxo

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    • Emily, thank you for the lovely comment. We have tried to create a sanctuary in nature. We need to just be observant as we enjoy the gardens. Speaking to friends and neighbors is also an important element to happiness in life. May you find solace in nature as well. oxox🌲🌻 🙂

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  5. R says:

    Nature in front of our noses often the most pleasant of all. Great story!

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  6. Annika Perry says:

    A heavenly haven for you, your husband and all the wildlife – you capture the wonder beautifully, with a sense of fun of the chipmunk clearly telling you off for encroaching on its territory. Oh, how true that gardens are therapy – and I am loving the chance to go out and smell the roses! One really does not need so much in life!

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    • Annika, thank you for the wonderful comment which perfectly captures the essence of our needs in life. When learning that lesson, it is true that one requires less to have a happy life. Be well and enjoy the rest of the week taking in nature’s beauty. oxox

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  7. Beautiful summer and nature imagery. Enjoy the season!

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