It was a glorious day and perfect weather this Memorial Day.  What great walking weather too.  I donned my walking shoes and began walking on Old Sag Harbor Road.  Normally, the area is peaceful, and today was no different. (Or so I thought.)  I sipped some water from the bottle I carry with me.  The route I decided to take crossed over Water Mill Road and followed along a road called Broadway.


Investigating further, I came upon a grassy circle at the end.  It was then I heard a noise.  I stopped to look around and listen when I came upon her:  Mama Turkey crouched down with her babies.  That’s when the trouble started!


Mama Turkey popped up and started charging at me. (It’s not nice to mess with Mama Turkey with her babies!)  I had to full on sprint away when it decided to fly after me. (On land, wild turkeys are surprisingly fast and can reach a speed of 25 mph.  In the air, they can reach a speed of 60 mph.)    After all, I was the intruder, the interloper if you will.   I skedaddled.

IMG_1829(2) - Copy

At that point, I thought I was going to be attacked and was ready to throw my water bottle.  I ran as fast as I could to escape her wrath.  She finally left me alone, but my heart rate went too high.  Lesson learned.  I fully intend to stay away from that street next walk I take.  She was just protecting her young.  Her instincts kicked in to dissuade me from ever coming near again!


Note: Today’s post features our daughter Emily’s account of her unusual walk. Thank you, Emily.

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16 Responses to Skedaddled!

  1. My heart was racing with yours, Emily. I’m glad you escaped. Thank you for this exciting story.

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  2. R says:

    Wonderful story although I am sure it was a bit chaotic! Wasn’t quite the turkey in the straw!

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    • R, thank you. I can only imagine how chaotic it was. Emily escaped unscathed and with her water bottle. The turkey and little ones probably had something to tell one another about that big human being encroaching on their space. Enjoy the weekend. ox


  3. Emily says:

    Hahah yes thanks for sharing it was not fun! Hopeful to never have that happen again!

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    • Emily, thank you for your comment. I hope you enjoyed the title and meaning it conveyed. I bet it was not fun. No one wants to be almost attacked by a turkey. You are safe. Enjoy the weekend. oxox


  4. Darlene says:

    Never mess with an angry momma bear or momma turkey. Glad all was OK in the end.

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