Hither and Yon

042822 Japanese cherry blossom(1)

Friends and neighbors delight me.

They are scattered hither and yon.

My discourse with a blogger friend,

Anne Mehrling continued with her


mention of a beautiful cherry blossom

tree near her driveway.  She sent photos.

The delicate pink shade was stunning.

Our Upstate New York gardens are only


Just beginning to display their beauty.

As I walked around this morning, I discovered

remnants of a bird’s eggshell in robin blue.

Odd that they are nesting now I thought.


I picked up the delicate pieces to examine.

On a positive note, I thought the baby had

finally left the nest saying “look, Ma, I can

fly now.”  I secretly celebrate its flight.


I have impatiently awaited the tulips

at the base of our witch hazel tree to open.

Only one was brave enough to open.

The rest await the chilly wind to dissipate.


This week’s snowfall reminded me that

we are not yet done with old man Winter.

At least the snow was less significant

than one year ago.  The tulips are hardy.


Keeping close contact with family, friends

and neighbors allows us to practice the

Golden Rule.  We humans are very social

creatures. My wanderlust remains but


has assumed new dimensions these days.

Mostly online when not in person.  But

the heart speaks as I continue my quest of

hither and yon and life’s meaning.  Be well.


Note:  You may find Anne Mehrling’s blog,

Mehrling Muse, at https://amehrling.com/

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10 Responses to Hither and Yon

  1. Thank you Mary Ann! You made my photo look better than I would have. It was a shock to get to the end of the post and see blooming flowers in snow.

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    • Anne, thank you for your kind comment. I don’t do much except resize the photos which sometimes brings the image closer. I imagine it’s the wordpress folks who do the rest. Plus your original photos were excellent. You should end a blog with that photo of you and John. The tulips in snow was from last year. The snow this year did not cover the ground. Thank you so much for sending the great photos! Much appreciated. I appreciated your friendship too. Enjoy the weekend. oxox


  2. Lovely, Mary Ann! Your gardens are ahead of ours, but every little green and bloom peeking out is nothing short of a miracle. Very windy, sun is shining after days of clouds and we are grateful for all of spring’s blessings. ❤ Have a blessed and beautiful weekend, my friend!

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    • Bette, thank you so much! I don’t recall anyone saying that our gardens are ahead of any place. The sun has worked magic, but cold winds continue to blow. Wind chill in the low 40s this morning. I am not complaining however. We have been truly blessed. May you have a gorgeous weekend. Be well. oxox ❤❤

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  3. Emily says:

    Love all the beautiful spring flowers! Nice blog xoxo

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