Eat Your Vegetables!


Vegetables of many hues,


Assortments from which to choose.


Chopped, diced, sliced, baked:  you peruse!


Leeks, eggplant, squash, collards, stews.


Peppers, onions:  you can’t lose!


Pot, pan or dish? Plain or bruised?


Braised, infused, herbed, spicy hot?


Read recipes!  No excuse!



Today’s poem is a Welsh form called cyrch a chwta. Basic guidelines are as follows:

-octave or eight line stanzas

-seven syllables per line

-lines 1-6 and 8 share the same end rhyme

-line7 cross rhymes with line 8 (internally) on the third, fourth, or fifth syllable

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19 Responses to Eat Your Vegetables!

  1. Emily says:

    Delicious!! Love the beautiful photos and variation! Xoxo

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    • Emily, thank you for the lovely comment. A healthcare professional urged me to consume a rainbow of colors with vegetables and fruits. Important in these times. Be well and enjoy the weekend. oxox


  2. Russell says:

    Interesting poem scheme. I did figure it out. We had nice meals from all of these going back to summer.

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  3. cindy knoke says:

    Looks delicious!

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  4. That was a fun poem, and the photos you chose were lovely.

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