Noise Pollution


Ever notice how doctors’ waiting rooms have changed?

It used to be that several magazines were available to peruse.

First, I noticed the selections had changed. More offerings

to “educate” patients.  Secondly, I noticed that wall monitors had


been installed.  Local television news and weather

forecasts were offered.  These had replaced the music in

the background.  My husband and I bring reading materials

and block out monitors with headphones.  Oddly, this past week,


I heard local news, but both wall monitors only had still

images of the website of the practice.  Am I to believe

that the decision had been made to provide both

radio and television at high volumes?  Surely not.


As I checked out, I commented on this fact.  And

to add insult to injury, I had to compete with these

as I attempted to make an appointment?  The poor

lady looked at me and said she actually preferred


silence.  I nodded agreement.  How difficult her job

must be to have to try to focus on what a patient is

trying to communicate while tuning out all the noise

in the background.  How does anyone focus in the present


and make an appointment with the patient?  Is it part of

her job description?  As an educator, I had empathy

for this employee trying to focus against all odds.  For

hours on end.  How many times did something have


to be repeated?  Just imagine a television on, the

radio in another room while someone is playing

the piano when the phone rings.  What happens then?

Usually, silence happens.  Why does anyone feel


that others can be bombarded hours on

end with competing sounds while trying to deal with

patients individually?   White noise is everywhere.

Lower the volume.  Turn off the device.  Focus.


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12 Responses to Noise Pollution

  1. Silence really can be “golden,” Mary Ann. .. I love its sound! 💞 Snow storm in progress here–about 6-8 inches. Have a lovely weekend, my friend. xo

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    • Bette, thank you for your informative comment. From the German: “talking is silver; silence is golden.” We had our major blast with about 10″ last night. Snow continues now as well. Enjoy your weekend as well, lovely lady. oxox 💞

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  2. I would prefer silence in a waiting room. Let’s all pretend we are in a library.

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    • Anne, thank you for an amusing comment. Let’s pretend! Silence is preferred by this blogger. I have to tell you, however, that libraries are not as quiet as they should be. Same with the Vatican Museum in Rome. We were cautioned that there was to be no talking. Is that why things were as quiet as a dull roar? The closer we got, the louder the quiet became! Perhaps there were conflicting meanings of the word “quiet.” I like our understanding. Enjoy the weekend. oxox


      • I haven’t been to the library since COVID started. There were never many people there to make noise.

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      • Our village library is partially supported by the local school budget and many young people mix there with local community members. One larger room with a grand piano supports a local singing group and can be rented by others. I recall a piano recital in the room. It has become a gathering area for many. For children of all ages, there is a small dinosaur park and walk with pages from a children’s book (protected) which is changed weekly. Walk to the end and you will find outdoor chimes and large xylophones.


      • Your library is a vital part of the community! Wow! That is very special.

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      • All the branch libraries have special programs which we especially loved when our two were young. Some are quieter than others! oxox

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  3. Clare Pooley says:

    Your doctors’ office must be unbearable to work in! Fortunately, ours is still fairly peaceful. We don’t have monitors, though our hospitals have those in their waiting rooms. We sometimes have music playing quietly – usually popular classical though sometimes modern music – and sometimes it is completely quiet. I hope you and your family are well, Mary Ann.

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    • Clare, thank you for your lovely and thoughtful comment. Some waiting rooms are silent which I prefer. It’s easier to read or write a poem in quiet. I love soft classical music in the background. We are well. Thank you for the wishes for us. I hope you and yours are also healthy, happy and well, Clare. Have a good week ahead. oxox

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  4. Arno Bode , Cologne ,Germany says:

    Liebe Mary Ann,
    zunächst einmal Bewunderung für die schönen Fotos ,die Du in Deinem blog präsentierst und die Herz und Seele erfreuen.
    Die Welt ist im Wandel, manche sprechen von Fortschritt. Diese Ansicht kann ich aber generell nicht teilen. Manche Dinge lassen den Ruf nach der ” Guten alten Zeit ” verständlich werden. Mit gravierenden Vorkommnissen wie man sie am eigenen Leib erfährt ,ändert sich der Rhythmus und die Einstellung zum Leben. Gesundheit gewinnt wesentlich an Bedeutung. Begriffe die zur Zeit durch die TV -News geistern wie zum Beispiel – cyber war- gab es vor wenigen Jahren noch in keinem Wörterbuch. es nützt nichts der ” Guten alten Zeit ” nach zu trauern. Schöne Momente in Erinnerung behalten ,und Neuerungen und verändertes Verhalten von Mitmenschen nach Möglichkeit aufgeschlossen gegen über stehen . –Positiv denken, auch wenn es manches Mal schwer fällt :.
    Dir ,liebe Mary Ann und Deiner Familie eine glückliche Zukunft,
    wünscht Dir Dein
    I pray for peace in the whole world.

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    • Lieber Arno,

      herzlichen Dank. Ich schreibe mehr privat. Nur wollte ich auch sagen, daß wir auch beten, für world peace und mehr. Einen Brief folgt diese Woche noch. Positive denken und bleiben. Manchmal muß man einfach alles abschalten: das Handy, Radio, Fernsehen, usw. Spazierengehen und ein gutes Buch lesen.
      Alles Gute und Liebe wünsche ich Euch lieber Arno, liebe Lilly,
      Deine Mary Ann 🙂


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