The Unsolved Sock Mystery

20220216_110145Some mysteries appear easier to solve than others.

Take the case of the missing sock in the laundry.

Was the washing machine hungry?  The reason of

last resort! You could have sworn you put in


two matching socks.  Ah, Sherlock, was that

the case?  Odd places for missing socks to

disappear:  next to the laundry basket on

the floor?  No, nothing there.  Fold and


put everything away again.  Leave the odd

singletons in a separate pile as if the

missing mate might magically reappear!

Some of the hiding places have been


inside a pillowcase.  Or in the corner of

a fitted sheet either on the bed or folded

and in the linen closet until the sheet

is used again.  Sometimes, no matter how


long and careful the search is undertaken,

the mystery remains unsolved.  What to do?

Well, start a new fashion trend of course!

Wear mismatched pairs of socks!


But my socks are in plain sight inside the

Birkenstock sandals on my feet.  I would

have some explaining to do if anyone

noticed.  Shall I give it a try?  What


suggestions do you have for this? Feed

the washer?  One of life’s unsolved mysteries!

Call this new trend “No Two Alike?”

Do you also have a hungry washing machine?


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14 Responses to The Unsolved Sock Mystery

  1. Emily says:

    Cold but beautiful and peaceful images! Xoxo

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  2. Oh, those tricky socks! ☺ Fitted sheet corners is where I usually find mine… Today was laundry day here and amazingly, not one sock came up missing. Of course, no sheets today! ❤ Have a lovely weekend, Mary Ann! xo

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    • Bette, Thanks for your amusing comment to me. It’s the little BIG things in life that matter. Glad you are all set with no mystery to solve. I muse and wonder if I took my washing machine apart, would I find all the missing socks? Enjoy your weekend as well. oxox ❤❤

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  3. cindy knoke says:

    Beautifully chilly!

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    • Cindy, thank you. We have whiteouts on and off today. Frigid winds to accompany. I observe it all from the inside out. Our weather forecast predicts a snow squall warning which is currently underway. Do you also have snow where you are? Enjoy the weekend. ox

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  4. I just found one of John’s socks in the corner of a fitted sheet. It’s good we have three sets we rotate, so it wasn’t gone long. There are three of us in the house now, and we each have a different type of sock. If it’s dark, it’s John’s. David’s are lighter, and mine are white. No mysteries here!

    I enjoyed the snow photos, too. We had two good snowstorms, and I am going to be satisfied with that. There is no use wishing for more. oxox

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    • Anne, thank you for your interesting comment. Your mystery was solved. I switched to black socks and tried to get a variety of colors for my husband. Trouble is that his singleton piles contain black as well. Once or twice I raided his sock drawer to find my missing ones attached to his. Hahaha. We still have unsolved mysteries here.
      The weather forecast contained special statements and a snow squall warning for us this morning. High winds and drifting snows make for difficult travel. I am happy you also had snow. Most area schools have vacation this week and some people traveled elsewhere. Be well. Enjoy the weekend. oxox


  5. rajkkhoja says:

    Wonderful post. Beautiful photos.

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