An Invigorating Walk!


During our recent heat wave of 6°C/44°F, a walk

down by the lake beckoned. Sun was shining.

I was not alone with this idea.  Parts of the

road had been plowed.  Parking lot full of cars.


Walkers were out and about. Some of them had

dogs clad in fine coats.  This is Upstate New York.

Our weather is not for the faint of heart.  Some

brave souls don shorts.  I wisely bundled up.


With several inches of snow on the ground and

the lake frozen over and snow-covered, I was

not to be deterred.  How invigorating such weather

is and how conducive for a walk!  We are hardy.


It is also a tradition to greet fellow walkers, complete

strangers.  For we share that secret that this is

perfect walking weather.   In warmer weather,

we might encounter cyclists, those on roller blades or


runners.  Some do run in the snow.  I am not one

to do that.  How do they manage to remain

upright as they run? I often ask myself this

as I observe them run past me.  Our lake park


has something for everyone throughout the

year, no matter the weather encountered.   

After being cooped up indoors, it feels great to

Have the outdoor beauty to behold again!


Except for sturdy evergreen trees, most of

the others are dormant now for the winter.

But listen!  Hear the birds!  They chatter joyfully

and hidden from my view.  Comforting song.


We returned home again, my husband and I,

renewed from the walk and with rosy cheeks.

Gladdened by our fellow travelers in life.

Happy hearts.  Light of foot.  Renewed. Content.


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26 Responses to An Invigorating Walk!

  1. Emily says:

    Glad you both got to enjoy the great outdoors!! Lovely photos! Xoxo

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  2. balroop2013 says:

    What a lovely walk Mary Ann! It must be so refreshing! I love those pictures of winter landscape, breathing serenity.

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    • Balroop, thank you for your kind comment to me. I feel as if I am taking a yoga class when you write about “breathing serenity.” The last couple days along the lake have been windy so the cold nips. Fortunately, we have proper clothing for our walks. I thought a winter landscape might be a welcome change of pace. Enjoy the weekend. oxox

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  3. This was an upbeat post which included snow and icy temps. John and I would have enjoyed walking with you if we were wearing our NY coats. We still have them and wear them occasionally. oxox

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  4. cindy knoke says:

    Nippy but energizing!

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    • Cindy, thank you for the great comment. I agree about the nippy part especially by the lake which is frozen and snow covered. That doesn’t seem to deter the hardy ones. I was asonished to see a man in shorts with his dog. Hardy or foolhardy? Come on over for an energizing experience ! Happy Valentine’s Day! Enjoy the weekend. oxox

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  5. Arno Bode , Cologne ,Germany says:

    Liebe Mary Ann ,
    ein faszinierender Bericht vom Winterzauber. Mutter Natur bietet so viel für die Gesundheit und das Wohlbefinden. Mir fehlt in diesem Jahr mein geliebter Wintersport. Hoffe auf das nächste Jahr.
    Bleibt gesund und genießt jeden Augenblick. Alles Liebe für Dich und Russell,
    Dein Arno

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  6. Lovely, Mary Ann! Walking is a great way to relax any time of year. Temp here currently 17 C. Mix of sun and clouds all day–oh how glorious is that sunshine! Have a wondereful week and Happy Valentine’s Day! 💞 P.S. How lovely to hear the birds beginning to chirp here too…A pair of Titmice stopped by for a snack this afternnnon. xo

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    • Bette, thanks for the lovely comment! I just love to take a walk. -13 wind chill here and going below zero tonight. Snow on and off. The birds entertain me with their visits and song. Mr. Squirrel tried his upside down trick trying to access the feeder on the chain attached to the tree branch. It is hot pepper flavored seed which deters squirrels. The birds love the seed. Happy Valentine’s Day to you as well, dear lady. Enjoy oxox

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