Mr. Robin Paid a Visit!


My, my, my.  Mr. Robin popped by! 

One slight problem:  our lawn is

buried under one foot of snow. It is

still coming down.  We do have a sparse


few berries where you sheltered all

puffed up due to the snow and cold.

Poor, dear Mr. Robin.  I don’t have any

worms to offer you for lunch. Apologies.


Perhaps another time and with advance

notice.   I hope you have a warm place

to shelter in our tree.  The menu of

hot seed in our bird feeder probably


does not hold your interest.  The

woodpeckers and a few other brave

souls have ventured forth in this

bitter cold.  I do hope you can


return to herald our springtime.

The calendar says it is now

winter, however.  I know you are

probably aware of the weather.


The powerful Nor’easter is currently

impacting the Eastern coastal

regions.   It is predicted that

copious amounts of snow will fall.


Mr. Robin, you probably already

know this.  That is why you puff up

to keep warm.  If I had those feathers,

I would probably be warm enough. 


My mother used to hang some suet

on our apple tree in Colorado in winter

for our robins there.  Please be safe and

warm tonight.  Goodnight.  Sweet dreams!

M A age 20001

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4 Responses to Mr. Robin Paid a Visit!

  1. Russell says:

    Best of luck to Mr. Robin and the rest of the feathered friends!

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  2. Emily says:

    Yes! I hope all stay warm! Especially Mr. Robin xoxo excellent photos

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