Celebrating You!


How do I begin?  Where do I start?

Bittersweet moments of my own

retirement flash before me.  Two

letters in the mail this week reported

on retirements of two individuals

who have been an integral part of

our lives and family for almost

forty years.  Tempus fugit.

image - Copy (6)

I will start at the beginning when

motherhood entered our lives.  A

bouncing baby boy (literally) and a

girl of uncommon beauty. (My Dad said so.)

Our nurse-midwife, Elaine, and her

physician-husband, Dr. Waldman, have

plans to retire at the end of this month.

But I thought they would be there forever!


Pregnant and several weeks along (unknown

to me at the time) Elaine informed me that

I was probably about 18 weeks along.  My

first test had been negative.  As I looked

at a small bulging stomach, I told myself it

was time to lose a bit of weight.  So, it came

as a shock to discover I was pregnant and

that far along!  Special vitamins.  I heard


our son’s heartbeat and marveled.  How

could I not have known?  My colleague asked

me this several times. No flutters?  No kicks?

She urged me to get a pregnancy test at the

pharmacy.  I did and then repeated it.  When

I asked my internist why the first test had been

negative, he didn’t have much of an explanation.

When I met Dr. Waldman, he said I was so


healthy, I could have ten children. My goodness!

So many special moments recalled at the

office when I went for checkups.  It will just

not be the same without seeing Elaine, giving

hugs and showing photos of our two as they

grew.  Healthcare professionals are dedicated

individuals whose chosen profession is

often difficult.  Getting up in the middle of


the night to deliver a baby who has decided

now is the time to enter the world.  Our daughter

was born about 4:20 AM.  I decided to let my

husband sleep a bit more this time and

finally awakened him at 3 AM.  No traffic on

the road but my sweetheart decided to stop

at red lights.  Feet on the dashboard, I yelled


to keep driving and ignore the lights.  When

we arrived, I waddled to the Birth Place,

part of the hospital made to look like a

home, and was immediately placed in the

first room.  I asked how much longer it

would be until the birth.  Nervous glances

between the nurses informed me that it

was a matter of minutes.  When our daughter

drew her first breath, I managed to see


who else was there: nurse-midwife, physician

husband and Director of the Birth Place

along with other nurses.  Our daughter already

had a devoted entourage.  I began this account of

the early moments of our lives with our two

integral part of our family. Now I will conclude that

our lives have been enriched beyond belief by

Elaine and Dr. Waldman (Rich).  They allowed


us to call the shots and personalize the care from

a Scrabble game as we awaited our son’s birth (No,

I did not feel the contractions!)  and the loving

adoration we felt holding our two and gazing at

them nonstop as all new parents do.  We are

overjoyed that these two professionals were an

important part of our lives when we needed them.

We love you and are in awe of you both.  Now,


travel and be with your children and grandchildren.

Dote on them just as you did us.  Enjoy your retirement

and know that your jobs were well done!  Bon

voyage.  Until we meet again.  Enjoy life!


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25 Responses to Celebrating You!

  1. RN says:

    Great tribute to two wonderful people and true professionals.

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  2. Emily says:

    Love this so much and the photos!! Thanks for sharing such wonderful memories! Xoxo

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    • Emily, thank you. Much appreciated. It is a very personal post, but I wanted to honor the two special persons in our life. I will miss them greatly. Will copy the post and enclose it in cards for them and their retirement. I am happy that the post struck a cord with you. Many wonderful memories are packed inside. Enjoy the weekend. oxox
      p.s. You are still of uncommon beauty, my lovely daughter and NP. oxox


  3. cindy knoke says:

    Very special memories. How moving and wonderful post for The Holidays. Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful family.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cindy, thank you. Same to you, my dear. So glad you enjoyed the post. It was a very personal one for me, but I wanted to honor two special healthcare professionals who a truly a part of the family. Enjoy the weekend and a Merry Christmas to you if you celebrate it. It’s snowing here so I am hoping for a white Christmas. oxox


  4. Your love shines through this post. Beautiful!

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  5. Tom says:

    Very beautiful! A wonderful bond through the years 🙂

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    • Tom, thank you for the great comment. Much appreciated. These people have been an integral part of our family. Hope you have a nice weekend. It is snowing here, and I hope for a white Christmas. Happy Advent season. Be well, my bouncing baby son. What a journey it has been thus far.🙂


  6. A beautiful tribute, Mary Ann! Thanks for sharing… 💞

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  7. Arno Bode , Cologne ,Germany says:

    Liebe Mary Ann,
    mit brillianten Worten bringst Du wieder einmal das Gefühl von Glück und Liebe in diesem Beitrag zum Ausdruck . Gerade jetzt zur Weihnachtszeit berührt deine Geschichte in besonderer Weise das Herz. Das Glück einer stolzen Mutter ist durch Nichts zu ersetzen.
    Wir wünschen Dir , liebe Mary Ann , Russell und Deiner Familie ein gesegnetes Weihnachtsfest .
    Alle Liebe und Gute für die Zukunft
    wünschen Euch
    Euer Arno und Euere Lilly

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lieber Arno,

      Vielen Dank für Deinen nachdenklichen und aufschlussreichen Kommentar. Es wird sehr geschätzt. Über etwas so Persönliches zu schreiben, macht es schwierig, die gewünschten Gefühle darzustellen. Anscheinend ist es mir gelungen, zwei so geschätzte medizinische Fachkräfte und einen Teil unserer Familie von Herzen auszudrücken. Die Liebe einer Mutter ist wie keine andere. Mein Mann und ich haben unsere beiden schöne Freudenbündel einfach nur angeguckt.
      Gott hat uns mit zwei Wundern gesegnet!

      Mein Mann und ich wünschen Euch beiden Weihnachtsfrieden und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr. Möge Euer neues Jahr voller Freude sein.

      Gott segne Euch beide mit Seiner überfließenden Liebe,
      Euere Mary Ann, Euer Russell

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  8. Angela P. wrote:

    Sat, Dec 18, 8:37 PM (13 hours ago)

    Your post was absolutely beautiful..it brought tears to my eyes,, such a beautiful expression of love..
    Thank you for sharing

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  9. Nice blog..
    Do visit to my blog and follow it if you like…

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