Our Playhouse in Sturbridge


When our Dad built the Sturbridge, Massachusetts home,

he thought of everything for his young daughters:  our

very own playhouse complete with a door and window.


We felt special since the door was tall enough for our

parents to enter.  He also built a huge backyard

barbecue which I do not recall ever using.  At some


point, our Dad decided we were not using the playhouse

as he had intended either.  I do recall we complained to

our parents of cobwebs and spiders inside our playhouse.


The executive decision was made to store chopped

wood inside for the two fireplaces, one in the basement

and the other on the first floor.  When we played


outdoors in the fall, we would look inside at the

wood piles inside the playhouse.  Now covered with

cobwebs and spiders.  I do recall a couple times


when our Dad tried making baked potatoes in

the hot embers and other times, we roasted

some marshmallows too.  Special treats for us.


Fond memories remain of this Cape Cod style house

where roamed the woods freely and made mud pies

in warmer weather.  Raking leaves into big piles.


On rainy days, we cut out paper dolls and used

our imaginations to script our own plays.  Or

played a card game called Authors intended to


teach us about famous writers.  I suppose those

were the foundation of my book some years later.

Our Mom had plenty of clothes and shoes for us


to don as we played dress up and modeled them for

our parents.  Giggling as our little feet didn’t quite

fill up the shoes.  Stories told of when she wore


the dresses.  Fancy materials.  Dances when she

first met our Dad in Boston.  We never tired of

listening to those stories repeated over and over.

book signing,jpeg

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6 Responses to Our Playhouse in Sturbridge

  1. Paperdolls, dress-up and plays… Oh, most delightful of days! 💞

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  2. Annika Perry says:

    Mary Ann, lovely memories from your childhood and I like the sound of a playhouse! I was forever building dens! How wonderful that your mother told you so many stories of her time before and that you all enjoyed listening to them! You look great at the local book event and an excellent presentation – a brilliant opportunity for local authors to showcase their work!

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    • Annika, thank you for your insightful comment. Our local public libraries have so many great opportunities. I even took a class and learned to play the ukulele. We could even check them out to take home and practice if we wanted. The playhouse in Sturbridge was special. We felt valued and loved that it was built just for us! Be well. oxox

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