Shadows and Spooks

20211027_152908Neighborhoods are decorated for Halloween.

Some people add orange lights on trees.

White spooks hang from branches.  Pumpkins

galore on walkways.  Stuffed figures. 


Squirrels sense the extra tasty morsels to be

had. After cleaning up after pumpkin seeds

from the front steps, we opted for a

plastic pumpkin lit by a light bulb. 


This weekend, we will have costumed children  

appear chanting Trick or Treat in unison.

With outstretched arms holding baskets,

offerings of treats are given. Thanks.  Giggles.


Autumn is my favorite time of year with

colorful leaves to entertain my creative

spirit.  I have collected a few to photograph

until winds took them away.  Another day.


No hard frost just yet so the Montauk

daisies stand under the watchful eye of

our garden rooster.  My body cast a

shadow as I captured images earlier.


The other evening our resident rabbit

sat on the lawn waiting for the last of

the apples to fall for him to munch.  I

spied his white cottontail as hopped.


Nowadays, my husband has assumed

decorating duty from our daughter. 

He affixed two figures to the columns. 

A witch appears to have flown into one of


them this year.  On a sunny day this week

we lunched at a nearby restaurant where

roses still bloomed close to the building.

All too soon, snows will fall as they are


wont to do in higher elevations.  Meanwhile

colder winds and rain will bring down the

leaves as Mother Nature lays down a

white blanket.  Snowmen will be built.






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20 Responses to Shadows and Spooks

  1. Autumn is my favorite, too. This morning Sadie ran through leaves beside the road, and that was such a lovely sound.

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    • Anne, thank you for the lovely sound-filled comment. Don’t all kids love piles of leaves. This is such a colorful time of year. Long awaited and all too brief when the first snows fall. But for now, we’ll savor the precious moments. Be well and have a grand weekend! oxox


      • We will take pleasure in colorful trees tomorrow. We were going to Charlotte to take grandson Nathaniel out to lunch, but we ran out of propane! We have to stay here for the delivery, since son and grandson will be working. I hope you have a fantastic weekend. oxox

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      • Anne, thanks for this update. Too bad about the wait for propane. The colorful trees will be there tomorrow. Cold, windy and rainy today. I don’t know about the kids going around tomorrow to trick or treat. One year it snowed, but that didn’t stop them. Enjoy the weekend after your minor glitch. oxox


      • The propane people are very unresponsive. We don’t know for sure that they are coming today, but we are staying here just in case they do.

        I remember we were driving back to NY on Halloween some time in the last seven years, and the further north we drove, the whiter things became. oxox

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      • Anne, everything seems to take longer these days. I think we will soon have to become self reliant with everything. Haha. Your description of things getting whiter the more you drove north is something we can easily relate to. I think our daughter is in for another storm tomorrow on LI. Happy Halloween. oxox


      • Happy Halloween to you, too! oxox

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      • Hope you got your propane ok. Do you get many kids for Halloween? Enjoy! oxox


      • John is on the phone right now asking where the truck is that was promised an hour ago. It’s almost 7:30. We have heat, but no hot water.

        Only Logan comes for Halloween. Every year I ask him what kind of candy is the current favorite. This year it is Twix and Reese’s Pieces. He will take home as much as his mother will allow. The rest we’ll give him, piece by piece, when he comes over to visit.

        Do you have lots of children coming to your house?

        On Long Island, we lived on a dead-end street and often had no trick or treaters at all. I bought candy every year just in case. Ha! Ha! oxox

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      • Anne, we have lots of young people in the neighborhood. The parents have flashlights and come in groups. The children have been taught to say thank you at the end. My husband bundles up and sits on the front porch to greet them. Our neighborhood group says they can trick or treat from 6 PM to 8 PM . We sometimes have little candy left from the bags we purchase. You have a lovely way of getting Logan to say his favorite candy. Have fun and Happy Halloween. oxox


      • You could be inundated with children on Halloween! It sounds like that would be fun, though, in your neighborhood.

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      • Anne, I am happy to report we must have had 50-60 children with parents walking the neighborhood. It was wonderful! Our neighbors had a fire pit at the end of their driveway so they could sit outside and chat with neighbors and friends. Despite the chilly weather, everyone seemed to be happy. I have to say this was the best in recent memory. Happy November! oxox


      • Your neighborhood celebration sounds ideal. oxox

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      • Anne, thank you. We are happy to have such good neighbors. Hope all is well with you and yours. oxox

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      • At 7:45 pm the propane truck came. The driver had gone home and was having dinner when he got the call to come to us. John was told we were #14 on the list on Friday night. The driver said he had only 13 tickets this morning. They never gave him our info!! The man was quite cheerful. He said his paycheck was going to look good because of this. oxox

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      • Anne, sometimes it is maddening how careless people are on the phone with information. We are used to repeating information. I am glad you finally got the delivery. In my grad school days, we rented a house which required propane and well water. 227 acres with a couple man made lakes. It was beautiful, calm, and peaceful after the long hours on the road after teaching. Life is a bumpy road sometimes. Our positive attitudes help us through the day. Be well. Maybe you will get someone to trick or treat tonight. oxox

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  2. Happy Halloween, Mary Ann! 🎃 xo

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  3. Tom says:

    Happy Halloween! Autumn is a great time of year. The smell of the crisp air. Changing colors of the landscape. Enjoyed your post 🙂

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