Amusing Signs


Just hopping over to say hello once again.

Signs are sometimes amusing to read.  In

Virginia on bridges, there are signs

saying  “no crabbing from the bridges.”


Word play and word meanings came to

mind.   So, I could “crab” or complain in

another spot?  Just not on the bridges!

On Long Island family visits, we


have a favorite spot to stay.  Each

time I see the sign “park head in,” my

mind starts to play with the words.  Why

only head in?  Why not head out?  I


surmised the owners did not want folks

backing into units or signs; hence, head in

so, you can see what you are doing!  Ah ha.

A favorite breakfast treat is grapefruit


sections with honey topped with a sprig

of fresh mint. The sight and taste of the

mint reminds me of tea I drank in Morocco.

It was served in a tall, clear glass.  In the


Long Island retreat, we enjoyed several

days of an acai bowl with granola and

garnished with blueberries or blackberries,

coconut and cacao chips.  Topped with mint.


Healthy, gourmet fare did not have many

calories.  The scoop of acai was a cold

concoction which was almost like a sorbet.

Refreshing and satisfying.  We savor


our breakfasts while visiting family.

My husband gets his fill of fishing, fly

casting, and boating.  I enjoy sitting

on our deck and reading a good book.


Quality time.  Beautiful weather. A

nap or two.  The perfect pause to

normal routines.  Change.  Good

conversation.  A walk on the beach.


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16 Responses to Amusing Signs

  1. marianbeaman says:

    Occasionally I have featured blog posts with signs, amusing ones in our neighborhood or in towns we’ve visited. Enjoy your weekend!

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  2. What gorgeous photos you have of your visit! I could almost hear the seagulls.

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  3. Emily says:

    Great blog post and photos! I enjoyed being a part of these memories! Xoxo

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  4. Lovely, Mary Ann… ❤

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