Mary Ann Appleseed


20210917_104136Growing up, I heard the familiar legend of

Johnny Appleseed.  With two apple trees

of our own now, I am reminded of the

tale.  I don’t recall Johnny speaking of


apple thieves.  We have the four-legged

and two-legged variety.  The four-legged

thieves are messy.  They take a few bites

of an apple and then simply discard it.


Perhaps these bushy tails got distracted

by a passing car or neighbor out walking

the dog.   The two-legged variety would

refer to neighbors and assorted friends.


John, Don, and Isaac picked up the branches

on Tuesdays.  I know this from observing and

finally stopping the very tall truck with

my arm in the air and hand motion to stop.


This week, even the truck driver Don was

emboldened or hungry at the end of their route.

Driver Don motioned to John to pick an apple

off the tree.  Well, well, I thought.  I must


stop the truck to chat briefly which I did.

John responded he was from a nearby

town.   I informed him that he had selected

apples from my favorite kind:  Empire.


Next, I explained the other tree had

red delicious variety.  I expect that they

will continue to pluck apples off the

trees as long as they are there.


A neighbor told me she had tried one

of the Empire apples.  It was so tasty.

Normally, these ripen toward the end

of September so perhaps they have


matured earlier this year.  We gave

this neighbor a bushel basket full of

our apple crop.  This year they look

as beautiful as store bought ones.


I imagine our own John Appleseed will

continue his thefts of tasty apples.

Admittedly, who can really resist these

low-hanging gems.  Do you have a favorite?


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17 Responses to Mary Ann Appleseed

  1. Our trees are loaded too… Macouns are my favorite for eating, Granny Smith for baking. Oh, for the love of apples! 🍎🍏 Happy Weekend & Appling, dear Mary Ann! ❤ xo

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    • Bette, thank you for the kind comment. I think our neighbor will make some applesauce with the bushel we gave her. Do you ever freeze your leftovers? Sliced? I can already smell your baking with apples. Enjoy the weekend as well. oxox

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      • We always freeze… Dan peels and slices, then we add sugar, cinnamon and a bit of lemon juice before microwaving a large batch (about a gallon at a time for about 5 or 6 minutes depending on variety). We freeze them in quart bags and have them ready to go for any apple confection each week.

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      • Bette, I’m so glad you provided me with the valuable insights on slicing, etc. Quart bags sound like the perfect amount for two. Hugs and blessings. oxox

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  2. Your apples are marvelous. Our favorite is Honey Crisp. We knew the season for them was early, and we almost missed it. We had one bag of them from the local orchard, and when we went back yesterday, there were none.

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  3. Emily says:

    Such an abundance of beauty outdoors! Enjoy xoxo

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  4. Mabel Kwong says:

    It is lovely that you have two of your own apple trees and looks like such an abundance of apples. They do really sound popular all round. Driver Don sounded friendly and it was very generous of you to give him and your neighbour some apples. The apples do look very red and tasty. I like apples so long as they are sweet, and love apple pies and apple sauce. Here in Australia the Granny Smith apple is a very popular kind of apple.

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  5. My favorite is the Empire apple , native to NY. Thanks for the comment,Mabel. Have a grand weekend.


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