Beauty Before Comfort?


Sighing at some of my clothing and shoes, my

mother’s mantra was always comfort before

beauty.  What teen or young woman wants

to heed that advice?  Not I when I was young.


Did I learn my lesson during my student days

In Heidelberg?  Certainly not.  Spike heels.

Unlined leather gloves.  Pencil skirts and

sweaters did nothing for warmth.  But,


they were stylish at the time.  My Birkenstock

years would come later when I was teaching.

Then cashmere layers and long skirts followed

by warm slacks to teach in.  My mother


declared during a shopping visit to purchase

a longer skirt for herself that she knew

why I wore longer skirts:  they were warmer!

From that point on, she wore longer skirts


or long pants.  We laughed as I declared

that comfort before beauty is something

learned later in life.  My mother

always wore beautiful, well-crafted clothing.


When I returned to the US after my three

years in Heidelberg, I stepped off the plane

in a fashionable tan corduroy pantsuit which

was all the rage in Europe. She adored it.


She loved it so much that she inherited it from

me after I no longer wanted it.  Ditto for a

quality gray wool coat.  I benefitted from her

artistic eye and chose quality clothes later.


It was in Heidelberg that I gave up carrying

an umbrella against the rain.  After several

mishaps of umbrellas turning inside out, I

opted for hoods on my topcoats and jackets.


With fondness I smile at my mother’s sage

advice over the years.  Now I don quality

pantsuits and my trusty Birkenstock

sandals.  Comfort with beauty now.


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8 Responses to Beauty Before Comfort?

  1. Comfort & Beauty–a winning combination! ❤ How blessed we are these days… Have a lovely weekend, Mary Ann! xo

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  2. Emily says:

    Our famous shoe photo xoxo love you!

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  3. Clare Pooley says:

    I love this post, May Ann! I hope you and your family are keeping well xoxo

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