Watch Where You Step!


Inspiration happens in odd places it seems.

On a rare sunny, warm day, my husband

was startled by what awaited on the front step.

Not one, not two but three snakes!  My blog

20210506_124717 (2)

took shape at that moment.  Early May in our neck

of the woods is a time to observe Mother Nature’s

activities.  The feeder is empty.  My husband says the

birds can wander and forage food now.


That still does not stop the various shapes, sizes, and

colors from alighting on the now-empty feeder. 

Amusing.  My husband and I decided on a short junket to

Cazenovia where a favorite coffee shop and an


Artisan’s shop awaited.  We were not disappointed.

Homemade blueberry lemonade accompanied lunch. The

coffee shop was a project between the local high school and

community.  An inviting fireplace with comfortable


leather chairs beckon guests to sit and linger over

coffee and conversation.  A piano awaits nimble fingers.

Local poets read their poetry aloud.  Framed artwork is

hung on the walls.  Cazenovia is also a college town.


The outing evoked memories of my mother and grandmother

whose birthdays fall in May.  Blueberry picking and pies

both made to perfection.  Spirits renewed, we returned

home after a relaxing ride home off the beaten path.


We watch our step now as we make our way to the

front porch rocking chairs where we read or greet

neighbors and inquire about school, work, health.

We wish our mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!









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10 Responses to Watch Where You Step!

  1. Emily says:

    Happy faces!! Looks like a lovely day! Minus the snake photo ha ha! Wonderful blog. Love you both! Xoxo

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    • Emily, thank you once again for an affirming comment, minus the snake photo. It was a lovely day, sunny and chilly in the shade. Typical for Central NY early May. We love you as well! Enjoy the weekend! oxox


  2. Clare Pooley says:

    What a surprise to find three snakes on your front step! How lovely to be able to have a expedition to a coffee shop for a tasty lunch.
    Best wishes,
    Clare xoxo

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    • Clare, thanks for your lovely comment about the snakes and a lunch. Next time, we shall have to have some ice cream at the shop next door! Be well and hope you have some spring weather and flowers in your garden. Enjoy! oxox

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      • Clare Pooley says:

        Thank you, Mary Ann. We have a little warm weather at last after the coldest April for 60 years! We have a few flowers but not many yet.
        Best wishes, xoxo

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      • Clare, your April sounds like ours sometimes. In 60 years? I imagine you had to wear your winter clothing a bit longer. We still have cold mornings but then it warms up during the day. That’s spring at our end of the pond. The hardy flowers like daffodils and tulips have been doing fine. Even the hanging baskets near the warmth of the house. Now our lilacs and sea buckthorn bushes look great. Enjoy the season no matter the weather. And this too shall pass! oxox

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      • Clare Pooley says:

        Mary Ann, I’m still wearing my winter clothes! It’s still not very warm but warmer than it was. Our blossom and flowers are about two weeks later than usual and there is no sign of any lilac yet.
        Have a good week! xoxo

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      • Clare, thanks for the update. Hard to believe that your flowers are behind ours. I still wear my cashmere sweaters and probably will for another month. It has not been warm enough for me to shed them. Apple blossoms on the apple trees and lilacs now too. Beach plum tree has flowers as well. Some trees are a bit slower and will wait for warmer weather. Enjoy Nature’s beauty. ox

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      • Clare Pooley says:

        Thank you, Mary Ann xoxo

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      • Clare, you’re welcome. oxox

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