Spring Cleanup


The weather finally cooperated for our spring

cleanup.  Or almost.  Last day of April. Chilly

winds prevail.  Snow in the forecast tonight.

Spring weather in Upstate New York!


Three new Swiss Stone Pine trees grace the

side property where a dead bush had been

removed.  Weeding, mulching, topsoil to

our garden beds.  Gardening has been a


part of life since my Massachusetts

childhood.  Later came the arid earth of the

Colorado prairies.  Gardens followed in the

warmer growing zones of the South.


Tulips still push up and showcase the various

colors.  I recall tending Dad a one-acre garden

plot filled with vegetables which our Mom

preserved.  A sense of satisfaction.


Both of our children take delight in Mother

Nature.  A busy, noisy woodpecker made its

presence known in our son’s wooded area.

Colorful butterflies flit about in his flowers.


Our daughter also sends beach photos from her

daily runs on the beach.  These days we are

content to tend our end of the pond.  Our

garden will take longer to mature.  Meanwhile,



new plants grow indoors under the lights.

When the danger of frost and snow abates,

new seedlings can be transplanted outdoors

How does your garden grow?   



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22 Responses to Spring Cleanup

  1. Emily says:

    Nice blog post as usual and photos!! A beautiful time of year! Xoxo

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  2. Vinny M says:

    Terrific post as always, I enjoyed it!

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  3. I’m hoping my garden won’t grow at all while daughter Lise is here. That’s unreasonable, but I won’t have time to clip and weed for the next three weeks.

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  4. Wonderful photos–including those amazing monarchs (butterfly and caterpillar)! Our gardens are growing like crazy (perennials tapping their tunes). Dan has transplanted strays that appeared in the front lawn. Vegetable seedlings are watching and waiting in house and milk room windows… Oh the beauty and bounty abound! ❤ Have an amazing weekend, Mary Ann! xoxoxo

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    • Bette, I loved your poetic comment! Thank you. Our son is capturing gorgeous photos of monarchs, butterfly and caterpillar in his FL home. Taking time to transplant strays exercises one’s ability to be patient and loving of Mother Nature. Be well. Enjoy an awesome weekend where you can take in all the beauty! oxox

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  5. Ernst-Arno Bode says:

    Liebe Mary Ann, ein ansprechender Bericht mit faszinierenden Fotos zum Frühjahr. Beeindruckend ,wie in der Natur immer wieder neues Leben beginnt. Eine Zeit in der man jeden Augenblick bewußt genießen sollte. Danke für Deine motivierenden Veröffentlichungen. Dir ,Russell und Deiner Familie alles Liebe und Gute .Paßt auf Euch auf und bleibt gesund. Liebe Grüße aus Germany. Hier beginnt schon bald der Sommer. Die Vegetation ist schon ziemlich fortgeschritten.
    Alles Liebe für Dich und Deine Familie ,
    Dein Arno

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    • Lieber Arno, vielen Dank für einen erfreulichen und aufschlussreichen Kommentar. Manchmal ist es schwierig zu beschreiben, wie Mutter Natur uns solche Schönheit, Fülle und Freude bietet. Du hast bestätigt, was meine Veröffentlichungen zu vermitteln versuchen, d. H. Motivation und Freude. Sei gesund und erhol dich, während Du gesund und glücklich bleibst! Wie Du bemerkt hast, ist unsere Vegetation nicht fortgeschritten und befindet sich in einem frühen Stadium. Genieß Dein Wochenende und den bevorstehenden Sommer bei Euch in Deutschland!
      Alles Gute und Liebe für Dich und Deine Lilly
      Deine Mary Ann oxox


  6. Annika Perry says:

    Mary Ann, a lovely Spring post and I see you’re having the same chilly weather – an unusually cold season this year! The woodpecker is a delight and love your tulips! It’s wonderful how your poem stretches back to your first enjoyment of the garden with your parents and wow, one acre is land, not a garden! 😀 With your love, care and attention your latest garden will soon be a haven for wildlife and humans! Enjoy your ventures outdoors and may the weather soon warm up for us both! Wishing you a peaceful and happy weekend! ❤️

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    • Annika, you brighten my day! Thanks for the lovely comment. Of course, you realize that the woodpecker and monarch butterfly plus cucumbers are compliments of our FL son. Their garden is far ahead of ours. My Dad used to rent one acre of land in MA and planted food for us to enjoy all year. He kept a barrel of potatoes in cold storage and my mother canned pickles, tomatoes, etc. In Virginia, I planted on Feb. 1 and still harvested tomatoes and peppers on Dec. 1. ❤️Our tulips are beautiful this year. Sunny but still chilly here. Happy May and enjoy the weekend. oxox

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