Let’s Fan Out, Fellas!


Look at the grub in the neighbor’s yard!

Let’s fan out and investigate! Cracked corn!

Yummy! Strutting about with fanned tail feathers,

Tom turkey replies:  look at me! Let’s go!

The hens heed the gobbling.  With a

great fanfare of clucks, purrs and

gobbles, the hens and toms swagger

over to the feast awaiting them.

They leave the open woodlands, their

preferred habitat.  With a swagger

and strut, the gobblers head to forage

the neighbor’s yard.  Sounding to the jakes

and poults, the wild turkeys parade and swoop.

With wattles and caruncles, they make a

mad dash for the feast awaiting them.  Tom

turkey says to pay the neighbor no heed for

he feeds us and enjoys watching.  Fellas, let’s

scarf this meal.  Hey, look at me, Tom fans

his tail feathers as he vies for the hens’

attention.  They finish the last morsels.

With a flurry of activity, some strut or

fly to the woodlands for the night.  We’ll

roost in yonder trees! Tomorrow is

another day for us! What a feast we had!

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31 Responses to Let’s Fan Out, Fellas!

  1. Emily says:

    Turkey gang and a starry night! Love the photos and blog post xoxo

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    • Emily, thanks for the comment. Play on words with turkeys fanning their tail feathers. Thanks for the starry night and thanks to Tom for the turkeys. You have had to wait for turkeys to cross your street too. Glad you enjoyed the post. Enjoy the weekend. oxox


  2. ‘Tis the Season… HAPPY SPRING! ❤ Wonderful photos and poem, Mary Ann. xo

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  3. Sally says:

    What a wonderful thing to see the wild turkeys. I enjoyed your creative words and photos.

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    • Sally, thank you for the lovely words. Sometimes photos evoke poetry. It’s as simple as that. Wild turkeys are around our wooded areas, our daughter’s wooded areas and now our son’s. Watching nature is a soothing activity. Last time I looked at your blog from Costa Rica, you had all sorts of chickens and stories. Be well and your comment is much appreciated! oxox


  4. My sis-in-law had wild turkeys all around the back of her house. If she’d ever sent pictures, I imagine they’d look something like this.

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    • Jacquie, the turkey photos are compliments of our FL son in his neighbor’s yard. Our daughter in Southampton has abundant wild turkeys in the woods. She frequently has to allow them to cross the road so she can get to work. We also have some nearby. Fascinating creatures. ^__^

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  5. Clare Pooley says:

    Wow! Fabulous, Mary Ann!

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  6. Annika Perry says:

    Mary Ann, what a sight of all these wild turkeys and they obviously have no fear as they took over the neighbour’s garden! They are very chuffed with themselves and enjoy showing off! A fun poem and accompanied by lovely photos … the final one is heavenly! A great post, my friend! xx

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    • Annika, interesting how three different geographical areas have wild turkeys. The photos are compliments of our FL son. Our daughter out on Long Island in NY has these creatures as do we in Upstate NY. The gorgeous starry night photo is compliments of our daughter who holds her own with a camera. Thank you once again, Annika. Our son’s neighbor puts out cracked corn in his yard to get the wild turkeys to visit. They are interesting to watch and to listen to as they strut. Be well. oxox

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  7. Oh, I do like to see lovely nature pics x

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  8. We have travel restrictions here. Substantial ones for months now. BUT I got plans for when they lift So wonderful to see your pics. xxxxxxxxx

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    • Good for you! Travel is a great educator. Our last trip was to sing in Prague in August 2019 with the Berkshire Choral International. Afterwards short trips to Helsinki and Vienna. What are you plans?

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      • Oh, we were in Prague two years ago .WOW!! We loved it and had booked to go back last June. That was obvi a no go. We go out on hills a lot here especially Glencoe and last year we went twice but it was beyond surreal in our fav hotel…great as ever out on the mountains and with the hilly community but not the rest. So we are not planning anything away away until things have settled. What we are planning is to do the local hills in Angus on a day trip basis. We’d started on them but we stopped when the travel restrictions came in cos it would just have been our luck to break down or get into bother or something beyond the 5 mile zone and then get hammered with a fine …. . I bet singing in these cities would have been amazing. Where did you perform in Prague?

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      • Shehanne, thank you for the insightful comment. We performed Dvorak at the Žofín Palace. 186 singers, an 80 piece orchestra and represented some 7 countries. We have memories to last a lifetime. Hiking in your hills sounds great. I am unfamiliar with your area. You live in Scotland? The world seems out of sorts now too. Be well. oxox

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  9. That will have been the most fantastic experience for you. Indeed your memories will last a lifetime. Amazing. Yes I do live in Scotland in the ‘historic fishing village that is the jewel in Dundee’s crown,’ apparently….LOL. And the world has been most out of sorts.. We are very well cited for the Angus Glens so I have been planning some trips, with the sight set on getting back to our fav hill country later this year hopefully. xxxxxxxxxxx to you.

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