A Sight to Behold!

During the winter we are mainly housebound.

Naturally, the first warm day which was only

above freezing but sunny, the lake park

beckoned us for a walk.  My husband’s voice

declared in utter amazement that he had

never seen such a sight on Onondaga Lake.

Watching my feet as I walked on uneven grass,

I had not even investigated the distant lake.

An ichthyologist by training, my husband declared

he would never be ice fishing out there.  Racing

through my mind were a myriad of questions.  At

the top of my list was how did this person

get out onto the middle of the frozen lake?

At first, the seated figure appeared to be

reading a book. But why out on the ice?

Maybe there were fewer distractions?

How thick was the ice?  How did it support

him, his chair, and a sled of belongings? How

deep was the lake?  Would he walk ashore

if he fell through the ice? I had heard of ice

fishing at other lakes but until very

recently, this body of water had been

polluted.  After major cleanup operations,

fishing apparently was permitted.

As we continued the conversation and walk,

I was drawn back to the seated individual

In the middle of an icy lake.  If I waited long

enough, could I see how this person got

on shore again?  The lake park never ceases

to amaze.  Soon the Canada geese will return.

People still walk their dogs along the

parkway.  Boaters will return. But ice fishing?

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20 Responses to A Sight to Behold!

  1. It’s amazing what we discover when out for a leisurely walk any time of year… ❤ Have a lovely weekend, Mary Ann!

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  2. You ended with a question mark‼️

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    • Anne, thank you and yes I did end with a question mark. It was such an unusual sight that I simply wonder if someone will walk out to ice fish or read a book. What do you think? Don’t question marks mean getting an answer? Be well and enjoy the weekend. oxox


      • Yes, question marks suggest an answer is needed. I laughed that you left us to supply the answer. My wild guess is that he walked out on the ice, taking his book of instructions on how to fish through the ice. Only someone who always reads instructions would think of that. oxox

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      • Your sense of humor is inspiring, Anne. Thank you for the lovely comment. I did leave the question for my readers! You could write a poem or short story about taking along a book of instructions. So happy I gave you a laugh. This activity on this particular lake is all the more unusual since it was forbidden to fish on because of the pollution. After major cleanup activities, it appears that one is permitted to fish. My husband fishes. I do not. I will not handle bait or clean fish. I will, however, cook and consume them. Your idea of a book of instructions is a fine one. Be well and enjoy the weekend. oxox


      • John laughs at me for reading instructions. He tells people that I get more enjoyment from directions than from having a new gadget.

        Hope your weekend will be a good one. oxox

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      • Reading instructions just happened here too. Interesting what was omitted. New espresso machine was not clear cut in how to lock a certain element in place. I frankly resorted to my old one until my husband tried. He informed me that parts were omitted. And I foolishly washed the parts in the dishwasher according to instructions. Now I am trying to remove the oxidation which resulted in leaving black smudges everywhere. I am curious to see the country of origin. Did you ever encounter difficulties trying to assemble Christmas gifts from Santa because directions were unclear? Another sunny day but still brisk. Wearing green for church tonight for the St. Patrick’s Day hymns. Be well. oxox


      • I am having more trouble with instructions these days, because so many have switched to pictures instead of words. I don’t read pictures well.

        That’s interesting that you’ll have St. Patrick’s day hymns. I’ve never been to a service with that.

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      • We did the Irish Blessing before. My husband sang A Bit of Heaven (I think that’s the title) and another tenor did O Danny Boy. The rest was standard fare. Lots of applause tonight too which doesn’t always happen. Well, you’ll have to join us next time we sing St. Patrick’s Hymns. Be well. My instructions yesterday was a combination of words and pictures. I didn’t like it either. Oh well.


      • I would probably have difficulty with a combo of words and pictures, too. oxox

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      • Have a great week. 🙂

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  3. Erica/Erika says:

    Hi Mary Ann, Ice fishing is rare to see in many parts of North America. He (I figure it is a gentleman) likely knows what he is doing. It looks peaceful and pretty where he has situated himself. Many moons ago, we did some ice fishing in the North. Very cold to just stay in one place on the ice. Happy to read about the clean up operations. Great photos!

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    • Hi Erika, thanks for the informative comment. I agree it is a cold “sport” to engage in plus this particular lake had been one of the most polluted until very recently. Fishing had also been prohibited. Rumor has it the beaches are being restored as well. The scene is all the more remarkable. At first glance I thought he had picked a spot to read a book. Did you catch any fish that you recall when you went ice fishing? Your comment is much appreciated. Have a great weekend. oxox

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      • Erica/Erika says:

        I do not recall catching any fish, Mary Ann. Just how cold it was when we are not moving. Your photo is remarkable on many levels.

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      • Erika, thank you for the answer. I imagine ice fishing to be a very cold sport. Some have small huts to stay inside away from the winds. Taking photos of this person was challenging since I had to wait for the sun to disappear behind clouds. Have a great week. “”__””

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  4. cindy knoke says:

    How beautifully this is written and photographed. I want to meet the person who sits and fishes on thin ice.

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    • Cindy, thank you for your comment. Your comment is inspiring to me. Judging by the ice I saw on the shore and what appeared to be water, I wondered how this person got out onto the ice. It inspired an entire blog. I waited as long as I could to see this person come ashore since I had many questions to ask. Fishing on thin ice is not an activity I would do. Be well and have a great weekend. oxox


  5. Tom says:

    Must be some thick ice. A dedicated person to be out there in such cold weather. I like the photos!

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    • Tom, thanks for the comment. I was unaware how thick the ice was. The fact that this person was seated out there “reading a book” or “ice fishing” was so unusual that I had to take photos. Park officials had been parked for lunch and were gone as we returned to our vehicle so I have no answers as to ice thickness, fishing or whatever this person was doing. I could see no footprints to detect point of entry. It was a day in which our temperature was in the 40s and most folks treat that as nice warm weather here. Near the shoreline, the ice appeared thin so this still intrigues me. Be well and have a good week. oxox


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