Winter, Spring, or Winter?

Winds howl.  Buds appear.

Snow on the ground.

Eternal struggle ensues.

Winter, spring, or winter?

Stunning skies entertain.

Vivid pinks and purples.

Mail carrier squishes on

wet lawns.  Leftover snow

piles up next to road and

walkways. Under the raised

garden bed, daffodils push up.

Winter, spring, or winter?

Wearing garden clogs as I

trek through our gardens.

Hardy plants have survived.

Year-round parsley. Yum.

Rhododendron bushes attract

butterflies, hummingbirds, and

other songbirds.  Buds on lilacs.

Winter, spring, or winter?

Feeding frenzy at the bird

feeder.  Schneeglöckchen

in Schweindorf, Germany.

Snowdrop flowers already.

Upstate New York winters

require the hardiest plants.

German friends write of

spring.  Near the warmth

of the house, plants fool

us temporarily.  Forsooth.

Sun appears. Winds howl.

Winter, spring, or winter?

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10 Responses to Winter, Spring, or Winter?

  1. Emily says:

    Lovely photos and blog post! Looking forward to a change of season!

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    • Emily, thank you for your thoughtful comment. We all look forward to a change of season. In Upstate NY, one never knows precisely when the two days of spring might arrive. Afterwards a sudden hot day which signifies summer. Still and all, I love my four seasons. Soon and very soon… Enjoy the weekend. oxox


  2. You’re way ahead of us! However, we have 40s and 50s coming next week… Maybe we’ll catch up. ❤ Hope is on the wind, in the air and rising from the ground. Enjoy your weekend, Mary Ann! xo

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  3. Yep, the seasons are somewhat confusing. I understand the question, “Winter, spring, or winter?” But I enjoy all that is revealed in your images about changing seasons.

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    • Khaya, thank you for the amusing comment. The eternal struggle of our two days of spring trying to break through winter is ongoing. Try as we might to wish spring would come, we have to face the fact that winter lasts a LONG time here in our neck of the woods. Soon…Have a great week ahead whatever your season! oxox

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  4. Annika Perry says:

    Mary Ann, the beginning of March is a fickle time indeed and how true it can’t seem to make it’s mind up about being winter or spring! I love your signs of Spring, the skies full of colourful and vibrant drama, the tender young shoots just daring to peek out. A beautiful poem capturing the eternal struggle … may it soon be over the warmth and sun reign strong! 😀🌻

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    • Annika, thank you for your comment. I treasure them. We have gorgeous spring-like weather of about 63 degrees F and sunny. Birds chirping, kids playing outdoors, neighbors strolling. I know better than to get too excited though since we have had famous March blizzards. It’s ok though. I’ll simply enjoy the moments of nature’s beauty surrounding us – even when snow is still on the ground. Be well. oxox

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