Hi, Guys!

 What kept you?  I’ve been waiting

and watching.  Ever on the lookout.

So glad you returned home.  Let

me sing to you of my happiness.

Let me call for the others and

tell them you have returned.

Thank you for the great food you

provided us.  Let me fly off and

find the others.  Be back by

afternoon.  The sun feels great

today.  My friend loves to sun

herself in the fir tree.  We’ll

be back to chirp and sing for you.

We know how you love to listen

to our chatter.  Birds conversing.

Exploring in the woods and by

the river.  Cardinals, blue jays,

sparrows, woodpeckers galore.

Mr. Crow, big and black, keeps

his distance, cawing on top of

the utility pole across the street.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gray Bushy Tail

is trying to sleep in his favorite

spot.  Keep the noise down!

We’re checking out where to

build our nests this season. Those

new birdhouses are inviting.  But

the snow is still on the ground.

Where are you off to now?  I

heard the car.  We’ll hold down

the fort in your absence.  And

sing upon your return.  Bye.

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18 Responses to Hi, Guys!

  1. Arno Bode , Cologne ,Germany says:

    Liebe Mary Ann,
    faszinierende Fotos und eine liebevolle Geschichte dazu. Ich bin immer wieder erneut begeistert von jeder neuen Story ,die Du veröffentlichst. Genieße Deinen Ehrentag. Bleib vor allen Dingen gesund. Dir, liebe Mary Ann und Russell wünschen wir eine schöne unbeschwerte Zeit. Liebe Grüße aus dem schon wieder frühlingshaften Cologne wünscht Dir
    Dein Arno

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    • Lieber Arno,
      vielen Dank. Das freut mich, Du hast meine Geschichten lieb. Danke auch für die Geburtstagsgrüße. Frühling bei uns dauert eine Weile. Vielleicht Ende April. Herzliche Grüße aus Upstate New York. Deine Mary Ann “”__””


  2. You have lovely chattering birds! I’ll hear mine better when the glass door is opened.

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  3. Ingenious, humorous, and inspiring!

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  4. Music to our weary eyes and ears as springtime critters do there things… Have a wonderful weekend, Mary Ann!

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  5. Emily Nemecek says:

    Beautiful post and beautiful pictures! Love it

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  6. Tom says:

    Very beautiful poem! The pictures are a great accompaniment!

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    • Tom, thank you for your kind comment. I thought a different “person” telling the story might be fun. Thank you also for the birds in the tree photo. Were they hawks? The dove in the fir tree looked very comfy sunning herself. Much appreciated. Have a great weekend! oxox

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  7. Annika Perry says:

    Mary Ann, I LOVE your post and how it’s written from the bird’s POV! 😀 A wonderful combination of photos and the deciphered twitterings of your avian friends. They care much for you but can see your comings and goings cause some consternation! They are lovely to have around and we are blessed with many birds in our garden and I imagine the conversations between them all!

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    • Annika, thank you for such an insightful comment. So glad you enjoyed how I played with the bird’s point of view in writing my post. And you get it! You have also imagined conversations the birds have. We had a windy whiteout of snow yesterday afternoon and evening. I always check to make certain the birds are safely ensconced in their dwelling places. 🙂 Be well and have a good week of reading and writing. oxox

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