Odiferous Encounter

A good brisk walk has multiple benefits.

I let my mind wander and all sorts of

thoughts enter.  Does anyone else think

in “poetry?”  Words, odds and ends?

So, it was one morning before work that

I had my encounter which jolted me

quickly back to reality. Black and

white, sauntering across my path,

paying me no heed.  Oh, but that stripe

down its back!  If I was sprayed by this

animal out of fright, how would I ever

drive back home?  How would I ever

remove that odor?  My mind thought of

a tomato juice remedy.  Did I have any at home?

I halted abruptly and waited as this

creature continued minding its own


business past me.  Whew!  Skunks are not

my favorite.  A few days later in the

early morning light, I spotted Mr. Skunk

waddling back and forth and under fences.

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12 Responses to Odiferous Encounter

  1. Emily Nemecek says:

    lovely blog post and photos!! Always a shocking time when a skunk passes by! Glad you enjoyed the walk though 🙂 xoxo

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  2. Bumba says:

    Definitely not my favorite animal.

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  3. Love your smiling from the wagon photo!… Sweet memories!

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  4. Linda Clarkson says:

    Thank you for sharing your verse. You have such a beautiful way of painting a picture and evoking emotions with your words.

    I am hoping that this covid will soon be under control. I miss church and I would really like to have a chance to chat with you..

    Be safe and be healthy… God Bless you and Russell.


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    • Linda, thank you for the wonderful comment. Your kind words are much appreciated by me. We all want this soon to be over and return to what we knew before it all began last year. Once they open restaurants, we might meet for coffee and conversation. God bless you with His abundant love. So very kind of you to extend the well wishes which I will pass on to Russell. Be well and enjoy the weekend. oxox

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