Your Turn!

While many folks play board games when the

family comes together for a visit, we modify our

Scrabble games a bit in the way we keep scores.

We list players with initials, and also add


the date, time, weather, and temperature outside.

We have a mini family history to read when we

next play.  Our son is here for a visit and always

loves the competition of words on the board.

Last evening, I pulled out an older game with

wooden tiles and all past scores and the stats

kept.  Imagine his surprise to find a game from1980.

After 1983 there was a lag in the information.


I mentioned that some of the missing history

was BC or before children.  My husband and I

were both busy with work and children for

the early years.  Hence, the missing scores.

Now, whenever we come together, the goal

of the game remains the same: let’s see who

can “destroy Mom” and be the victor in the

game.  With a lawyer and nurse, the goal is easy.


So, who won this time?  Ha!  Mom!  But

only because she had the X, the Z and other

high-scoring letters.  Poor Dad was stuck

with a Q at the end.  Rematch tonight?

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8 Responses to Your Turn!

  1. Lisa Mahony says:

    Thanks, that was a lovely story. We play World of Warcraft together and are all excited about building our garrisons right now. My daughter is in quarantine and that way we can talk and be together.

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  2. Emily says:

    Hahah nice job and great photo! I jinxed dad! I said don’t get stuck with the Q at the end like I did in the last game! Until next time 🙂 xoxo

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  3. Oh what fun! 🙂 Love it… Happy New Year to all!

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