Outsmarting the Bushy Tail!

With amusement I observed my husband’s

handiwork at hanging the bird feeder using

a “squirrel-proof” method, this time with

a chain.  As he donned his winter jacket,

I inquired where he might be going on

a snowy winter morning. Just to the backyard

he replied.  I glanced at the bird feeder to

see an odd sight: hanging on the bottom

sideways was a manner of large

bird.  With a bushy tail.  Mind you, I had not

donned my spectacles this morning. Oh

dear, oh dear!  His hopes dashed,

I watched my husband form a

snowball and throw it directly at

this exceptionally large bird with a bushy tail.

But wait!  It was a squirrel hanging on

for dear life as he fed on the birdseed in

the feeder.  Adjusting the chain a tad higher,

my husband proudly announced he had now

solved the problem!  Do I have news for him!

Oh no, not again I thought.  It is a big source

of entertainment – this human versus the

bushy tails!  Annoying too.  It gives pause for

new methods of problem solving!  Maybe!

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24 Responses to Outsmarting the Bushy Tail!

  1. Oh what fun! 🎄 Wishing you a fun-tastic time trying to outsmart Bushy-tail AND A Very Merry Christmas! 💞

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    • Bette, never a dull moment observing Mother Nature’s creatures. Thank you for the comment and Christmas wishes. Right back to you up North. How much snow did you get from the storm? We got only 6″ but some places south of us got three feet. A wonderful weekend to you and a very Merry Christmas! oxox

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  2. Tom says:

    I wonder how long it took the squirrel to figure things out! It’s fun observing wildlife. Enjoyed your photos and poem!

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    • Tom, thank you for the comment. Driven by food, I imagine it didn’t take it long to figure out. It must have jumped from above. It;s just a matter of time before this happens again. Glad you enjoyed the poem and photos. Today is Zia’s birthday. Be well and enjoy the weekend. ox


  3. Bumba says:

    I keep some old tennis balls at hand to throw at the squirrels. Very effective. The squirrels keep returning, but my fastball is improving.

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  4. Emily Nemecek says:

    Guess the seed tricks aren’t working for the furry friends! Ha ha! Great post and great pictures! Xoxo

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  5. You’ve described a never-ending contest.

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