A Standing Family Joke

When our children were teens and driving in

winter weather, I used to post weather forecast

and alert pages on our kitchen cabinets.  Snow removal

in our Upstate New York area is efficient but

unexpected storms and snow might fall during

school hours.  A small weather radio which

pronounced the weather conditions in a “robot”

voice informed me of what I should wear outside.

Thus, with amusement, I had occasion to turn on

the weather robot for conditions when there

was a dusting of snow outdoors.  My husband texted

our two that Mom had the weather robot on.

Our son responded with “in the kitchen.” Our daughter

remarked that “nothing says Christmas like the robot.”

So, they have me pegged.  The weather radio is

handy and efficient.  We all hope for a white Christmas.

As I glanced outside early this morning, the sunrise

colored the sky causing me to remark “red in the morning,

sailors take warning.”  Our current mild temperatures

are probably hiding an impending storm.  Such is life.

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13 Responses to A Standing Family Joke

  1. Emily says:

    The robot lives on! Haha! Great blog post. Certainly hoping for a white Christmas!

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  2. Love it! Wishing you all a safe and happy Christmas and a bright and beautiful New Year! 💞

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  3. And the robot is wrong! Final, last words!

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  4. I liked the flow of photos and words. Lovely! I always yearn for snow.

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