It is My Turn!

Racing through the yard helter-skelter, the pair

of bushy tails approached the tasty prize awaiting.

Black bushy tail arrived first and brown bushy tail

had to circle and wait its turn.  I do not recall seeing

a black bushy tail in the yard.  Against the

orange pumpkin, the black bushy tail was quite

festive looking.  Diving into the substantial hole

in the pumpkin, it reappeared with tasty morsels.

Fascinating to watch the ravenous creature

repeatedly dive into the pumpkin.  Suddenly

it scampered to a tree perch to clean its fur

much like a cat does.  Next it stretched out

its tail the length of its body much like a

Daniel Boone cap and seemingly took a nap

in this position for a few minutes.  Odd.

Whoa!  As if on cue, brown bushy tail took

its turn headfirst into the pumpkin hole.  It too

scampered up the tree to a branch, cleaned itself

and paused to rest with its fur stole extending

the length of its body.  Odd behavior.

Perhaps the pumpkin is in the process of

fermentation which caused the strange

behavior.  Snow has covered the lawn now.

The bushy tails are in retreat and taking a long

nap.  What grand entertainment I have!



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17 Responses to It is My Turn!

  1. Russell Nemecek says:

    Interesting bit of simple joy which is just needed. Thanksgiving transforms into the Christmas season.

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  2. Emily says:

    Having fun with pumpkins! Ha ha! Vinny would not love these creatures. Funny how they enjoy their pumpkin fix! Great photos and blog post.

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  3. Darlene says:

    What fun. That pumpkin provided much nourishment and entertainment for both squirrels.

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  4. Oh what fun! 🎄May your Christmas be merry and bright! 💞

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    • Anne, I agree. My morning entertainment here. Hope all is well with you and yours. Did you finally get a visit from Denmark? Be well and enjoy the weekend. oxox


      • Denmark Lise flew back home this afternoon. Our household has gone from seven people back to four. oxox

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      • Anne, wonderful news in your comment. A whirlwind visit from Lise. We have a dusting of snow this morning. Life is good. Be well and have a great day. oxox


      • The three extra people have returned home, and we are off on the next adventure. John invited two ladies from church to have a lunch meeting at our house tomorrow. He mentioned it last week, but I didn’t have time to think about it then. On the way home from church I thought of a menu that I think is reasonable. oxox

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      • Anne – never a dull moment in paradise. What are you having for lunch? We just had lovely golden beets from our garden and some mac and cheese with broccoli, cold potato chip chicken, sliced tomatoes, and my husband a cookie. Only thing to cook was the mac and cheese. Enjoy oxox


      • Your lunch sounds lovely. I’m going to make a quiche and cut up a large Honey Crisp Apple. I’ll think of something else to put out. We also have leftover pumpkin cheesecake and a Danish Christmas dessert that Lise had me make. oxox


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