Thank You for your Service!

This Veteran’s Day and always, we express deep gratitude for your loving service to your country.  Many families honor their loved ones both alive and deceased for giving of themselves in armed conflict around the world.

We take time out of our busy lives to pause, offer prayers and to commemorate those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and for those who returned to live in peace and freedom at home.

In our families, we voice our abiding gratitude to John, Joe, Al, Hank, Stan , siblings who served during WWII.  It must have been difficult for their mother to sacrifice sending five sons to war.  Her prayers were answered when all returned safely home.  To Tony, Robbie and George in my husband’s family who also served.  To all my numerous cousins who faithfully served God and country, we say thank you.

For, without their selflessness, we would not live in the freedom we enjoy today.  This Veteran’s Day,  let us place a wreath, a flag and offer prayers for those who have gone before us.  We shall never forget their unfailing devotion and service.

Thank you, Dad, for being our role model.  You were strong, resilient and loving to us. Although you seldom mentioned the war when I grew up, I knew instinctively that it affected you.  Thoughts and prayers for you and for all those who served and who still serve today.  Happy Veteran’s Day to all!

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15 Responses to Thank You for your Service!

  1. Thanks and prayers… ❤

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  2. Peter Klopp says:

    Here in Canada on Remembrance Day people also remember the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the freedom we all enjoy in this great country. Greeting to you and your family, Mary Ann!

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  3. We had another occasion on Nov. 11 — the birthday of second daughter Kate.

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  4. Emily says:

    Beautiful post mom! Than you to all who served. Amazing. God bless! Xoxo

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