A Very Heavy Load !


As I opened the door, a mad dash was made from
our yard and across the street. A heavy burden caused
the squirrel to slow down in the middle of the
street to adjust the heavy load, an apple in its mouth!

Amusing to watch, it tried to keep the prized apple
in its mouth! A few additional squirrels frolicked
In the afternoon sunshine as they scoured the
lawn for additional tasty morsels. Just imagine


I had just this week thought our apples must almost
be ripe enough to pick. As I surveyed the trees,
what did I spy but a bushy tailed thief perched high above
enjoying an afternoon snack. How dare they

steal our edibles from the tree! Forsooth!
When startled, they often drop their prize and
simply let the partially eaten apples fall on
the ground. Later in the day when I gaze

at the apples, another friend stops by
for a visit: our resident rabbit. He
attempts to flatten his body and hide
in the grass as he munches on apples.

We have an abundant crop this year so
feeding extra mouths work for us. Now
if they would pick up after themselves so
my husband can mow the lawn.

Wishing them a silent “Guten Appetit,”
I once more close the door and let them
enjoy their meals. For soon, my little
creatures, snow will cover the ground!

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14 Responses to A Very Heavy Load !

  1. You are generous to animal friends. I enjoyed your story and the lovely photos.

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    • Anne, Unwittingly, we are generous to the creatures. We do like to harvest a few apples for our consumption too. Glad you enjoyed the blog post and photos. I imagine you have many animal friends in nature around your area. Have a great week. oxox


      • We have birds here that we enjoy watching all year long. The chipmunks are fun, too. Squirrels keep their distance except when they are raiding the bird feeders. Our son said he watched groundhogs in the pasture, but I haven’t seen them yet. oxox

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      • What a collection of creatures. Groundhogs can be destructive to gardens if they like what you are growing. While away this past weekend, some creature consumed the cardinal flowers and feasted on willow bark on our young willow bushes. I haven’t surveyed the damage to our apple trees yet since it has been raining since last night and will continue tomorrow. We were long overdue. Saw some beautiful foliage on the trip to LI. oxox


      • That’s great that you saw colorful leaves. Ours are fading from green to yellow-green. We should go up on the Parkway, where higher elevations could give us a different season immediately.

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      • The drive to LI offers many surprises this time of year. oxox

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  2. Oh the bounty and the beauty of our world… Smiling at the antics in your yard and feeling blessed that we have these wonders to enjoy. Happy Autumn, Mary Ann! 🍎 xo

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  3. Peter Klopp says:

    I enjoyed reading this delightful tale of your furry friends, squirrels and even a rabbit, happily munching away at your abundant apple crop. In response to your post, here is a link to one of my photos of a squirrel lovingly embracing a walnut: https://www.flickr.com/photos/130447299@N05/21224224934/in/dateposted-public/
    Have a great weekend, Mary Ann!

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    • Peter, what a great squirrel photo with the walnut. Thank you for the comment and photo. Wish they would clean up after themselves though. We should collaborate on a children’s story called Mr. Squirrel and show their adventures. Do you have enough walnuts to harvest some for your use? A new blog post is forthcoming about a wedding this past weekend. We just returned home again. Enjoy your week! “”__””

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      • Peter Klopp says:

        We no longer have a walnut tree. It was struck by a disease and had to cut down. Best wishes! Peter

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      • Peter, sometimes disease strikes trees. We lost most of the ash trees at our lake park to the emerald ash borer beetle. I always mourn the loss of the tall, old and stately trees which afford us abundant shade. Such is life. We have planted many new trees but someone else will enjoy them I fear. Enjoy your day!

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