A Love Poem

The cards, flowers, chocolates arrive.
All express love upon which I thrive.
Carefully unfold the paper wrappings.
Trim the flowers and other trappings.

Add the plant food as per the card.
Fill the vase with food and water.
Now that wasn’t too hard.
Perhaps I should be a potter.

Find the perfect spot to display
All the beauties. Enjoy and gaze.
Which chocolate to have first?
I think my heart will burst.

To my loved ones I say
thanks for blessing my life.
Happy Valentine’s Day.
Today we’ll have no strife.

I found the one
my heart loves.
So perfect for me.
My truelove.

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14 Responses to A Love Poem

  1. Emily says:

    Beautiful poem and wonderful photos filled with love! Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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  2. Lovely, Mary Ann. ❤ Happy Valentine's Day! xo

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  3. Peter Klopp says:

    The lovely poem expresses your sentiments towards the customs surrounding Valentine’s Day very well. Belated Happy Valentine’s Day, Mary Ann!

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    • Peter, thank you for the well wishes. Of course, Valentine’s Day is every day for me. It’s just some day put aside for retailers to make some money though. I have to say I love the flowers, chocolate and cards though. I think we celebrate it here more than in Germany. I did find a few Valentine’s cards when I was there. We are still brisk here this morning with 3 F or -16 C . Wind chills make it feel colder too. Enjoy the weekend and thank you for the comment. “”__””

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  4. Tom says:

    We enjoyed your poem too. Playful, loving, happy.

    Making dinner right now.
    The dogs had their chow.
    What is it that I’m making?
    I know for sure I’m baking.

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  5. Clare Pooley says:

    A belated Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Mary Ann! I love your poem and what beautiful flowers!

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