Lessons Learned the Hard Way!

Can we have our cake and eat it too?
Recalling my student days in Heidelberg,
I recall wearing skinny pointy-toed
high heels with my slim pencil skirts.

In the Heidelberg winter months,
I wore rain coats, carried an
umbrella in one hand and leather book
bag in the other as I headed to

university lectures. My journey
involved one bus trip and two trolley
trips followed by a short distance on
foot. Normally bumpy cobblestoned

streets became slippery, wet in rain.
Carrying an umbrella which opened by
simply pushing a button was useless
against the windy, rainy day I faced.

But young folks are invincible, right?
Wrong. I learned my lesson the hard
way on this particular day as I headed to
the university. As I pushed the

button to open it, the umbrella
caught in the wind and turned inside out!
Next lesson learned the hard way:
don’t run for the trolley, ever.

Why? My stylish footwear was
no match for the slippery cobblestones
underfoot. Young, invincible, I ran
anyway with an inside out umbrella.

My mother’s words played in
my head at this moment: remember
to wear sensible shoes! Another lesson
learned the hard way. Mortified,

I leaned over to pull my stylish
high heel from the trolley tracks.
Walking, hobbling with one shoe
on and one foot in stockings,

I gathered myself together
as best I could and hopped
aboard. Red-faced and dripping
wet, I tried not to look at

my mildly amused fellow passengers.
The older women were probably
thinking foolish me for wearing
such impractical shoes.

Lessons learned the hard way
are the ones remembered in
life. My coats have hoods; my leather
gloves are now cashmere-lined.

My footwear now includes snow
sneakers, boots and Birkenstock
sandals. Despite hard-learned lessons,
I recall fondly my student years in Heidelberg.

And the words of a trusted friend:
never run for the trolley. Why?
Another one will be along in
ten minutes. Another lesson learned.


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21 Responses to Lessons Learned the Hard Way!

  1. Darlene says:

    Been there, done that!

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  2. Some lessons we never forget–fortunately we learn from those! πŸ™‚ I’m all for comfy footwear and hoods too… Have a great weekend, Mary Ann. xo

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    • Bette, your comment is much appreciated on this cold, snowy winter day. I plan to wear comfortable, warm boots and gloves. Can you hear the words of your mother? We have at least 18″ of snow and more to come. Stay indoors and warm today, my friend. Enjoy the weekend, Mary Ann oxox

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      • Mama’s word–so true… We’re all bundled up too! Ice grippers over boots for tomorrow’s outing. We only had 4-5 inches of snow, but then the ice came down. Trees were sparkling like jewels in the sun today. Stay safe and warm and enjoy your weekend too, Mary Ann! ❀ xo

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      • Bette, Cool! Do those ice grippers over boots really work? They sound lovely. We and other states in the NE had no internet and cable television for most of today. It seems that Spectrum had issues. Glad to have it back. Have fun with you outing. Let me know how it goes. Lovely talking with you. oxox

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  3. Peter Klopp says:

    Isn’t it amazing how we can laugh and smile about our youthful follies some decades later? These events in our lives turn out to be some of the best memories and we are even fond of telling others with a great sense of pride. Very entertaining post, Mary Ann!

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  4. Ice grippers are amazing! Here’s a link to the ones I count on… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000GUEAVO/ Great over boots or shoes and easy on and off. Stay safe and have a great week! We may cancel tomorrow’s outing if temps are too low…

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    • Thanks for the link, Bette. You are the best. I believe out temps are too low today for such an outing. Single digits without the wind chill factor. I’ll investigate the grippers. Have a great week. ox

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      • Bitter but sunny… Kept warm by the fire! πŸ™‚ Have a great week, Mary Ann! xo

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      • Bette, our outing was to the opera yesterday. Parking and walking in the snow/slush was enough for me. Great performance of Candide. We know many of the local performers which made it a lovely afternoon for us. Warm by the fire sounds so inviting this time of year. Thank you for your comment and well wishes. May you have a wonderful week full of adventure! oxox

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  5. Annika Perry says:

    It is a way of the world that we have to learn the hard way … later recalling the follies with fondness. I bet you still wore the shoes although never ran for the trolley bus. In Sweden, my mother says they used to wear sensible shoes outside and then carry the pretty shoes for inside … but think this was during winter for parties, dance halls etc. btw. Is that the snow at your place now? Blimey … that is incredible! Hope you’re all well, safe and keeping warm!

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    • Annika, during my three years of study in Heidelberg, I mainly had rain and fog but no snow so “sensible” shoes were not worn by this writer! My feet suffered too. Yes, that is our current snow fall. I think we had about 15″ -18″ and all area schools were closed. That is par for the course in winter here. Blimey! Yikes! We ventured forth to the opera yesterday afternoon and walked through snow and slush from the parking lot to the venue. Safe and sound indoors is more my cup of tea though! Enjoy the week ahead. “”__””

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  6. Clare Pooley says:

    Oh, the foolhardiness of youth! Such self-assurance, such innocence! I am glad I was just like you and made similar mistakes. When I see my daughters and other young people skittering about in unsuitable shoes and clothes, I wish them well and hope the worst that happens is a chill or a bruise!
    At the age of nineteen I worked in an office in my home town so was able to walk to work. I had just bought some glorious shoes; high heels, peep-toes, pink with a see-through plastic section on the top. I thought they were wonderful! I wanted to wear them to work as my colleagues and I were going out after work together. It had snowed overnight and there was about 4″ of it lying on the ground. Did that stop me from wearing peep-toe shoes? No! The consequence was terrible, painful, itchy chillblains and I couldn’t wear my shoes for ages!

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