What’s Out Your Window?

Oh dear, oh my!
Look out the window!
A visitor I spy!
Tricks to my eye?

Oh dear, oh my!
It’s just too funny!
We have company!
Out the window -ho, ho!

Oh dear, oh my!
The dogs skitter
at the new critter.
Visions in my eye?

Oh dear, oh my!
What do I spy?
Reddish brown – a bull!
You must be mistaken.

From my nap awaken!
The sheriff I shall call.
No sir, the beast is not small.
Imposingly massive.

What shall I do?
Grass and clover it chews.
Do not belabor.
Phone the neighbor.

How do I catch a bull?
What? Hire a matador?
Of jokes I’ve had my full.
After my chores,

go to the store.
How do I use a lasso?
I am not a cowboy.
An ATV to the rescue.

Oh dear, oh my.
We can’t catch it.
Still on the loose,
the bull I admit,

is crafty and sly,
I don’t know how
he outsmarts us.
Don’t want to fuss.

In our neck of the woods
we have snakes, squirrels,
rabbits and frogs. Who
would believe it? Few.

The truth I do speak.
What should I seek?
The rodeo cowboy?
He’s the real mccoy.

Oh dear, oh my.
A stranger in danger?
Befuddled but not muddled.
A name for the visitor!

Oh dear, oh my.
This docile creature,
the name I shall feature
is Ferdinand, Jr.

No longer foe but friend.
Ferdinand visits now and then.
So you see, you never know
what’s out your window!


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8 Responses to What’s Out Your Window?

  1. Delightful, Mary Ann… šŸ™‚ Here, a few birds and deer are found; and patches of snow and lots of bare ground…a strange winter it’s been! Enjoy your weekend! xo

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    • Bette, thank you. Much appreciated. Ditto your remark about a strange winter. I think birds and squirrels are confused as well. We have snow, bare patches and more snow on the way. I hope this does not mean we’ll have a March blizzard like 1993. May your weekend be filled with great activities! oxox

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  2. Peter Klopp says:

    You should combine all your poetic stories into a booklet. It would make a perfect gift, Mary Ann.

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    • Peter-thank you for you kind comment and advice. I have thought about combining my stories in a book/booklet as you suggested. My 2014 book will have to suffice for the time being. So glad you enjoyed my poetic story. May your weekend be brimming with joy! “”__””


  3. Emily Nemecek says:

    What a post! Great photos I love it! Would be an exciting site to see outside of the house!

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    • Emily – so glad you enjoyed the post and photos. What a massive beast to see in your yard as you look out the window! At one point only 40 feet away. Exciting perhaps, but I’ll settle for birds, squirrels, rabbits, the occasional snake and such. Have a good week ahead. “”__””


  4. Annika Perry says:

    Mary Ann, your visitor caused quite a stir and I love how the poem unfolds, finally revealing the gentle Ferdinand! I was smiling at all your options to catch him … matador, cowboy! Here the falcon has not made another appearance so peaceful visits from the small birds …and neighbourhood cats!

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    • Annika, you are correct in that the visitor caused quite a stir. A friend of ours now lives in Texas where this occurred. Our visitors pale in comparison to Ferdinand, Jr. A falcon? Strange visitors everywhere. I’ll settle for our local visitors here in the Upstate New York suburbs. Not many stray cats either. We have leash laws for dogs and cats too. On another note, I am closely watching the world progress of the corona virus. I hope a source and vaccine can be developed soon. Have a good week. oxox

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