On Being Vintage

The year has changed to 2020.
Where does time fly? I blinked
and our little children are now
young adults living elsewhere.

In the aging process, I note that
the frequency of doctor appointments
increases. I am handed printouts or
reminder cards for the next

appointment. A creature of habit
with old fashioned calendars I can
write on in pencil, I find myself in
the usual ignorant bliss early

in January. Appointments have
not been transferred to the 2020
calendar so the appointment
reminders are attached to the

December 2019 page with
paper clips. Having just received
notification of a cancellation later
this month to March, I am reminded

I really do need to transfer all
the appointments. Some of my
friends pull out cell phones to
see what is on their agenda.

Suffice to say, I remain vintage
and the cell phone is off and
sometimes with me or not in
case of emergencies. After

all, I was told by my children that
I really did need a cell phone.
What if the car broke down?
And I smugly retorted that

I refused to be on call 24/7 for
I was not a health care professional
for example. The old flip phone remained
in the glove compartment and

from time to time I needed to be
reminded to recharge the battery.
Sigh. Who remembers to do that?
I remain vintage in my choice

of reading materials too. I love
the real deal books which I can
feel in my hands as I turn pages.
Oh, I tried a Kindle once but

never knew where I was in the
one and only book I tried to read.
I remain vintage and cancelled the
subscription to Kindle. For

that subscription I had been sent
a paper bill! I remain vintage and
do banking the old fashioned way
by driving to the bank. And by

paying bills with paper checks
which I write. And mail at the
post office. Some things are
simply better the old fashioned way.

I remain vintage yet can still
play the piano, sing and read music.
Still speak and write several languages
and vintage enough to enjoy

traveling to new places to learn
about peoples, countries and cultures.
I remain vintage enough to be a
lifelong learner. That never goes

out of style, whatever style may be.
Happiness is found in my family where
I am surrounded by love. Let me
wish my readers a Happy New Year 2020.

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29 Responses to On Being Vintage

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Happy & Healthy New Year Mary Ann!

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  2. I suspect there are many people like you, and I hope they comment so that you won’t feel alone.

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  3. Peter Klopp says:

    There are many of the vintage characteristics we both share. There is just one thing you tried and gave up and that is the use of the Kindle reader. As the number of my medical appointments is also on the increase and the time spent in the waiting rooms is often considerable, I make good use of my Kindle, which is my portable library wherever I go. For example, I am no longer angry at my wife when she takes forever doing her shopping. For now, I am reading in my Latin Bible or read a good novel. Being vintage does not mean being old-fashioned. The proof is that we are both writing a blog and connect in a magical way with the rest of the world. Happy 2020 to you and your lovely family, Mary Ann!

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    • Thank you for an interesting and enlightening comment. However, I did not give up on reading and take a real book with me wherever I go. I do not like the way a Kindle feels and handles. Perhaps a later generation will improve. For now I remain both vintage and old fashioned in my reading habits. We are both persons of vision using writing blogs for others to enjoy and comment upon. It’s an interesting and fascinating world indeed. I chuckle at your comment for it was enjoyable. Enjoy the weekend, Peter, and best to you in 2020.

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      • Peter Klopp says:

        I am on my second Kindle, which feels more like a book (no more buttons to press) and feels good to read even in glaring light. Thank you for throwing addditonal light on your reading habits, Mary Ann!

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      • Thank you for your comment, Peter. I am glad that the Kindle works for you. Mick Canning wrote that we prefer quality rather than being old fashioned. Quality works for me as well. Enjoy your Kindle and weekend.

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  4. Mick Canning says:

    Happy New Year, Mary Ann. It’s not old fashioned, we just prefer quality.

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  5. Happy New Year, dear Mary Ann! ❤ xo

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  6. Delightful insights, Mary Ann. I prefer vintage, quality, or the personal touches, too. I miss my old flip phone, but not the bag phone, my first unattached distance phone that was necessary for travel not too long ago. I could plug it into the now nonexistent cigarette lighter space in my manual transmission cars as I traveled for jobs or to research sites in the US. There were a lot more dead zones then, though. I also go to the bank and pay by paper check. Somehow, dealing with the impersonal nature of money requires the balance of an interpersonal exchange for me, even if that only means stuffing (harder with less agile hands) and licking an envelope (still an unpleasant taste) and putting on stamps (that now cost a lot more).

    Thank you for a delightful read. Sending my best wishes to for the new year! 💜

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    • Carol – thank you for such an enlightening comment and food for thought. I laughed about the different types of phones we have had over the years. From time to time when I watch an “old” television show, the character holds a “huge” phone which is unattached. They were probably also heavy in weight. Mobile? You gave me an added perspective with interpersonal exchanges at banks and elsewhere with paper checks. My husband purchased a box of envelopes which have adhesive under the tear off strip thus saving ingesting that awful glue. Haha. Self-adhesive stamps are what we use too. Sometimes I will go through our stamps to find “pretty” ones with different denominations to send to persons I know who love to collect stamps. Or I will simply put several different ones in a row to send air mail to Germany. Most times I put too much postage on. It is my gift to the recipient. Not a fan of texting on tiny screens, I still type on my desktop computer and send emails. I still write cursive when I send thank you notes. I am deeply saddened with education which does not teach this valuable skill. Finally, I understand it is being taught again. That and foreign language skills too. Food for thought for another day. It is such a pleasure to hear from you and read about you as well. Happy blogging, teaching and sharing with others. Enjoy the week!

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  7. Annika Perry says:

    Mary Ann, a terrific poem and I like the idea of being vintage! Wasn’t it wonderful to have a calendar free from appointments!?

    I like vintage … using a Filofax, sending postcards, letter YET I embrace the new digital world with eagerness! For me, the two slot nicely side by side … as I’m tapping away to friends across the world on my iPad, tucked cozily into bed early in the morning!

    I love the photos accompanying the post. Your father (I assume) looks so full of love and care at your baby self! Precious!

    Hope you’re having a superb start to 2020 and look forward to learning more about your musical endeavours during the year! Xx 😀❤️

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    • Annika, typing under the covers in the early morning is the place to be! We have snow squalls as I type away. Thank you, thank you for such a great comment. It is freeing to have no appointments on the calendar too. I embrace both worlds but simply love the vintage and being able to touch and feel with my hands. The real deal! Yes, it is my Dad. in the photo He loved his daughters! Musical endeavors are varied for 2020. Hoping to sing at the end of the month with the Syracuse Pops & Opera choruses combined. Resume rehearsals with the Syracuse Chorale with Mozart’s Coronation Mass and Mendelssohn’s Psalm 42 sung in German. Stay tuned for more music news. I loved your book for children. Great artwork. May you have a wonderful 2020 filled with varied adventures! “”__””

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  8. Clare Pooley says:

    I entirely sympathise with you, Mary Ann! I take my phone out with me just in case I need it but I always have it switched to silent and hardly ever look at it. I do text messages to people and e-mail friends but I also still enjoy writing and receiving proper letters. I use a wall calendar and a diary in which I write my appointments and never think to use my phone for these things. I have a Kindle app on my phone which I use now and then but I don’t enjoy it. Reading and holding a physical paper book is such a wonderful experience. It is so easy to go back to an earlier part of the book to refresh one’s memory unlike a Kindle book.
    We are finding that we are being forced to do so many things on-line these days. Most of our banks and post offices have shut and we are being told to bank on-line and pay in cheques by scanning them with our phones!
    Happy new year to you and yours, Mary Ann!

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    • Clare, I smiled all the way through your lovely comment. You are truly a kindred spirit who understands what proper letters, cards and yes, real books are. I too do not enjoy reading from screens. As for texting, it seems I only do that if I travel somewhere and need to stay in touch with others. I hate texting on that tiny screen. You are also spot on regarding banking and postal services. I refuse to participate in online banking and still write checks the old fashioned way. While I consider myself somewhat tech savvy, I do not enjoy certain aspects of it. Some of us grudgingly participate in things we really do not like. My phone remains off and silenced most of the time. Sometimes I remember to take it with me in the car but most times I forget. A waste of money and effort? Probably. It is enjoyable conversing with you even though it is typing on the computer. We do not live down the block from one another; otherwise, we might visit over coffee or tea. Enjoy the weekend. Thank you, thank you. oxox

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