Handwritten Thank You Notes


When is the last time you purchased beautiful
boxed thank you note cards or that special one
which said just what you intended?

Why not get out those beautiful cards
and pen? Fountain or ball point pen? Do
you still write in cursive handwriting? It

means so much to the recipient when the
extra steps are taken to write a personal
thank you note – in cursive. Admittedly,

I do send eCards from time to time. Who
doesn’t in our hurried daily existence? If
you are guilty, why not take the time

today and write that beautiful thank
you note? Think of how it makes you feel
as you write. Satisfaction sets in, right?

From time to time I come across one
of my letters handwritten by my parents.
How thrilled I am to hold these close.

Personalize those cards and notes today
and wish the recipients a Happy New
Year 2020. Put a love stamp on the

envelope and drop it in the mailbox
today. Or wait to get a postmark from
2020! Happy New Year everyone!

Health, happiness, peace and joy
to each and every one of you.
Abundant blessings too! oxox

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4 Responses to Handwritten Thank You Notes

  1. A perfect time to say “Thanks.” I treasure each hand-written and hand-made note card I receive… Blessings, dear Mary Ann.

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  2. Emily says:

    Beautiful blog post and photos!! I loved it!

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