On Revolving Doors

There is an expression that good things
come in threes. Since our basement work
with water issues had to be reworked, the
foreman and crew arrived today. Earlier
than anticipated but fine nonetheless.

It seemed as if the good weather brought
more workers in droves with the lawn
maintenance fellow placing the yellow
flags in the lawn where it had been treated.
No one was to walk on the grass for 24 hours.

Right? Right! And not so. The doorbell rang
just now with our pesticide treatments outdoors.
Stink bugs, ants, mosquitoes -still mosquitoes?
I kept trying to work on this blog post in
between snippets of questions, phone

conversations for price quotes – yes! We
are not out of the woods so to speak. Now
quotes on walls and floors for work in
Nov. and Dec. With the POD still in the
driveway? Better hope for no snow!

For the better part of one month, we have
had ongoing work with jackhammers removing
the basement perimeter, putting in drains, etc.
Water still came in so today, more of the
perimeter removed, drains installed, etc.

Soon and very soon, this will all be history.
At least I tell myself that. There is more to
be done as I continue to learn my new pieces
of classical music for the December concert.
Never a dull moment at our end of the pond!

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13 Responses to On Revolving Doors

  1. Never a dull moment…thankfully you have your music, and hopefully all will go well with the projects at hand. ❤ Blessings, dear Mary Ann.

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  2. Peter Klopp says:

    You certainly have your fair share of excitement in and around your house, whether it comes in threes or not. I hope that you can rather concentrate on your musical pieces very soon, Mary Ann.

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    • Peter – your comment amused me when I read it. Thank you. I sing through it all and have my music practice CDs running. That’s when music is my refuge. It simply felt as if one worker/repairman came into the house and yard one after another. This weekend we walk on plastic sheets laid down to protect floors and carpets. Life is a BIG adventure sometimes. May you have a calm weekend!

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  3. Annika Perry says:

    Mary Ann, I always feel house and land are like an organic being … needing to be nurtured, cared for, loved! Sounds like you are doing all threee and still remaining positive and cheerful with the workers around! Soon you can enjoy the peace of a home and garden ready for winter. Enjoy your music practice for December … is it that time already!? 😀

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    • Annika, many thanks for the uplifting comment. I resort to music to allow me to be the vessel through which it passes. Our winter garden yields many tasty meals of collard greens. Soon I’ll be making beef stew in the crockpot too. After our Dec. 14 concert, we have a little break in the music making and can read a good book with a lap blanket in a comfortable chair. Enjoy your Sunday and week ahead. ^__^

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  4. Clare Pooley says:

    Poor you! I can’t bear having work done in the house but put up with it because I know that eventually all will be calm again. There is nothing worse or more worrying than water getting in. I hope they solve the problem this time. Enjoy your music when you can!
    Best wishes, Clare 🙂

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