Mr. Rabbit Pays a Visit


In the garden corner, perches on hind
legs; unmoving, watchful – what a find!
Husband on front porch, phone now inclined,
quietly takes photo unassigned.
Poised to hop at slightest noise or movement;
proves it can be sly; rabbit has dined.



Today’s poetic form is called: hir a thoddaid. It is a Welsh poetic form consisting of 6 lines. Lines 1-4 and 6 have nine syllables and share the same end rhyme. Line 5 has ten syllables. There is also a “b” rhyme somewhere near the end of the fifth line and beginning of the sixth line.


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11 Responses to Mr. Rabbit Pays a Visit

  1. balroop2013 says:

    Thanks for introducing me to Welsh poetic form. You have a beautiful garden Mary Ann.

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  2. Great poetry & photos share all around, Mary Ann! 🙂 Sharing… xo

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  3. Libby Sommer says:

    such a beautiful garden Mary Ann. you look perfectly placed within it. thanks so much for info on Welsh poetic form.

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    • Thank you, Libby. Our landscapers helped beautify the gardens. Part 3 is this year but we’ve had too much rain. Welsh poetic forms are cool. I get to combine syllables, lines, rhymes rather like music. Weeds need to be pulled, but it’s raining again. Happy weekend.

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  4. Annika Perry says:

    Love the poem and its format! I’m smiling at your husband taking the photos ‘unassigned’. Well done to him … lovely photos!

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