Call Times and Concerts

Martin Palmeri’s Misa A Buenos Aires Misatango
for Mezzo-Soprano, Mixed Choir, Bandoneon,
Piano and String Orchestra arrived months
ago. Purchased the score; highlighted my soprano parts.

Rehearsed hours daily with a few CDs until
the music was in my head. I had music dreams.
Weekly rehearsals with the Syracuse Chorale.
The behind-the-scenes preparations before concerts.

Last week a dress rehearsal with soloist and orchestra to
fine tune this premiere performance in Central NY.
Checklist of eyeglasses, water, music score, pencil.
Get rest – lots! Proper diet and practice daily!

We are finally ready for call time and concert
and our appreciative audience. It is our final
concert for the season with Syracuse Chorale.
Our music-making does not cease however.

Next up will be the Stabat Mater by Antonín Leopold Dvořák
in August at the Prague Castle with the Berkshire Choral
International. Meanwhile, our beloved Pastor entered
eternal rest this past week and the church choir

is tasked with a visitation and prayer service followed
by a funeral Mass. Also this weekend will be First
Communion services. The life of a musician and music
minister is varied and at times intense. Would we

change anything? No. Perhaps wish for better weather
and fewer performances. The life of a music minister at
church calls for commitment. Sometimes it is challenging
to balance the singing. Concert attire is all black.

Finally we are ready for the big day and performance.
Call time is one hour ahead to warm up and get
in place before the performance. Glamorous in black tuxedos,
dresses and shoes. Enter Director. Stand. Applause. Sing.


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16 Responses to Call Times and Concerts

  1. Your voice stays in practice! I was sorry to hear of the death of your pastor. I don’t think our choir ever sang for a funeral, but we did sing at weddings of members’ children.

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    • My voice gets plenty of practice, Anne. Music is food for the soul. We call our funerals a celebration of life and we sing for the departed who has then entered eternal life. We sing at weddings too if requested. But mainly for designated days during the calendar year. I could describe the visitation hours as elegant and simple. We gathered to remember all the good times and connect with people once more. This morning the Bishop says the final Mass for our departed Pastor. Bittersweet.


  2. Peter Klopp says:

    With so many smiling and happy people around you the stress that comes with all those pending performances is quite bearable, I daresay even enjoyable. Happy singing, Mary Ann!

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  3. Best wishes and good luck for the performances to come Mary Ann.

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  4. Annika Perry says:

    Music in life and in passing … your chior providing a salve for all. Your performance at Prague Castle will be amazing and a once in a lifetime experience! Enjoy and absorb that fabulous atmosphere! X

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    • The Misatango went very well. I am taking a short break to breathe a bit before tackling the next score i.e. Dvorak’s Stabat Mater. It will be a once in a lifetime experience. I saw your gorgeous photos of a walk you took recently. Will return later. Thank you, thank you, Annika. Much appreciated. ox

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  5. Clare Pooley says:

    I am so sorry to hear of the death of your pastor, Mary Ann! May he rest in peace. Your life seems very full and busy with a lot of singing! I hope all your concerts have been/will be a great success!

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  6. What marvelous opportunities for you to bring joy to so many. Wishing you a well-earned break after your many successful performances.

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    • Thank you to Bespoke Traveler. I turned on the other faucet now that the Mistango is behind me. Now we are learning Dvorak’s Stabat Mater i.e. I am. My husband has practiced for months already. The performances went well, and the break is great too. After singing in Prague on August 10, we will fly to Helsinki, Vienna and then back home. I do believe you have traveled to Finland before. Happy travels to you.

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  7. So sad about the Pastor, but well done you with the singing! it lifts your soul doesn’t it!

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