Time to Kick Back!

Now that the work is done,
it’s time for the inviting
bench near the beach.

Sitting and relaxing, I
watch the sunset
and listen to the

ocean and birds
in the early evening.
Stress flows from

me and takes flight
over the ocean’s waves.
Now calm encircles

Me. Worries have gone.
I am once more at
peace with the world.

Note: All photos in this blog post are courtesy of my daughter, Emily Catherine. Thank you so much for your constant inspiration to me and to others.

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20 Responses to Time to Kick Back!

  1. Emily says:

    I’m famous! Hahah wonderful post!

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  2. There’s a lovely sense of tranquillity in your poem Mary Ann, I definitely felt the stress flow away…

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  3. Peter Klopp says:

    What could inspire more confidence than holding the setting sun between your fingers. I like your poem and photos very much Mary Ann.

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  4. I liked the words and EC’s photos.

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  5. Clare Pooley says:

    Your daughter’s photos are wonderful and your soothing poem suited the pictures exactly. Lovely post, Mary Ann!

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  6. Annika Perry says:

    A heavenly location and I feel myself flying with joy at the sight of the beach, ocean and sunset, all whilst reading your lovely poem! Glad you have a chance to totally de-stress, enjoying the bliss and tranquility of the seashore. The photos are beautiful and I’m smiling at the one ‘holding’ the sun with a pinch of fingers! Congrats to Emily for inspiring pictures! 😀Wishing you a fantastic rest of April … I have just one day left of the holiday and then back home! Bittersweet emotions abound!

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    • Annika, water and the beach have magnetic attraction to me and others as well. Even if I am not there, the photos have a calming effect. Holding the sun in her fingers and allowing the light to fill her spirit, our daughter has also experienced the wonder of the beach sand between her toes, the waves of the ocean against her feet and legs while holding the light. Poetry flows forth from me when I gaze at beauty. Pure joy! While it’s bittersweet to return to the life back home, we have an expression which helps me – home is where the heart is. You must have many homes, Annika!

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