Making Bread by Hand!

Year six of 4-H foods was making
yeast bread from scratch by hand.
Dad watched me as I kneaded
the dough, pushing it four times
with the base of my hand and
finally rotating it quarter turn.

Sometimes I added flour to
the board to prevent sticking.
As I kneaded and rotated the
dough, I felt it getting smoother
and finally forming some bubbles
under the surface. About 5-6 minutes.

Lightly greasing the bowl, I placed
the dough inside and covered it with
a clean towel. After a couple hours,
I checked to see if it had doubled.
I punched it down again, divided into
two and put each half in bread pans.

Covered once more with a towel,
I allowed the dough to rise and
after it had doubled again, I heated
the oven to baking temperature. I
brushed the top of each loaf with egg whites
and put into the warmed oven.

The smell of fresh bread baking reminded
my Dad of the Polish bakery in Massachusetts.
I discovered so much satisfaction from learning
to bake bread from scratch. When it
was still warm, a slice with butter which
melted had a taste like no other!

M A age 20002

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5 Responses to Making Bread by Hand!

  1. Peter Klopp says:

    Making home-made bread is a wonderful activity appreciated by all. Let us hope that the craft of making bread does not become a victim of all things mass-produced. Great post, Mary Ann!

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  2. Oh, the aroma and taste of freshly home baked bread… Remembering Mama and Grandma and the wonders of childhood, Mary Ann. ❤ Love that photo of little smiling you at the bread board! xo

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    • Thank you, Bette. Little smiling daughter who did resemble me at that age. She was making her own scrambled egg for the microwave. I started teaching them early. Those memories of freshly baked bread elicited the same smiles from my parents too. I remember the pies my Irish grandmother and my mother used to bake. Enjoy the weekend. More snow and ice to come here.

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