The Box of Treasures Arrived!

I picked up that penny on the ground,
smiled and thanked my Mom and Dad.
Yes, even though they are now both
in heaven. I recall feeling rich in
my younger days with a penny
which could still buy some sweet treat.

When I answered the phone, the
man on the other end asked to
speak to my father. I was married
with children. Did my voice sound
like that of a child? A slight pause,
then a laugh as I explained that

would not be possible unless he
had a direct line to heaven. Uncertain
as to why these memories remain, I
frequently communicate with my
deceased parents for, after all, the
words from my mouth sound like them!

When the package arrived yesterday, it
contained treasures from the past: vintage
linens our mother collected, piano music
I used to play and two skirts and blouses I
wore for 4-H and the Colorado Junior Miss
contest and still giving off the wonderful

scent of Old English Lavender soap from
the drawers where they were kept. I played
that music immediately and read about Chopin.
A lifetime ago and yet yesterday. I remember
being in a glass-enclosed kitchen at the
Colorado State Fairgrounds for four hours as

I cooked a meal for four, served it to the judges,
and won the State Championship for Food
Preparation. This was good since my family
had to eat that same meal for two weeks as
I prepared for this contest. They were sick
and tired of it. 4-H rules allowed $2.50 for

all the ingredients. How amazing I reflect
today. The music boasted prices of $.75 and
$1.50 for the pieces I learned. Many of the
publishers are still around today. The other
outfit I apparently wore for the Junior Miss
competition. My waist had been that small?

These are fashioned from quality fabric and
have remained a testament to how clothing
was formerly manufactured in the U.S. Self-fabric
belts too! I gazed in awe at how much
fabric the hems and seams have and edges
so finely finished. Those were the days!

I still hear our mother sitting at the piano
in our living room playing and singing pieces of
music. The words of the song “Autumn Leaves,”
swirled in my head. All this magic and family
history came from one box sent from my sister.
Nostalgia. I was transported for a few hours.



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12 Responses to The Box of Treasures Arrived!

  1. Precious family heirlooms… Oh, such beautiful memories in your box of treasures, Mary Ann! ❤

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  2. Arno Bode, Cologne,Germany says:

    Liebe Mary,
    wundervoll dargestellte Erinnerungen.Bewahre Dir diese positiven Erinnerungen.Diese Erinnerungen an schöne Augenblicke kann Dir Niemand nehmen.Bewundernswert wie Du diese Ereignisse beschrieben hast.Mit Spannung warte ich auf weitere Geschichten aus deinem Schatzkästchen.
    Alles Liebe und Gute
    Dein Arno

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    • Lieber Arno, es scheint, als hättest Du immer freundliche Worte in Deinen Blog-Kommentaren. Ich danke dir. sie werden sehr geschätzt. Ein Leben voller Erinnerungen ist für mich da, um es zu beschreiben. Wenn ich ein Malerin wäre, hätte diese Box auch musikalische Noten, die entkommen und in der Luft schweben, als ich die Box öffnete. Mögest Du ein wundervolles Wochenende voller Überraschungen und Schätze haben. Alles Gute für Dich und Deine Familie.
      Deine Mary Ann ^__^


  3. Peter Klopp says:

    It is wonderful to hear that you that a spiritual direct line open to your parents in heaven supported by the vivid memory you have of your dear parents. Have a wonderful day, Mary Ann!

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    • Haha, yes, Peter, I do feel that direct connection to my parents in heaven. I thought everyone had such a connection. If I were an artist, I would paint the box with musical notes escaping into the room while I took out vintage treasures. Thank you for your kind comment. Much appreciated. Enjoy your weekend. We still have much snow here and wicked wind chills. This too shall pass I know, but I simply bundle up more than usual. Hope all is well. ^__^

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  4. Bel says:

    I love this poem – even if it’s different memories for me – I still miss my Dad so much and remember the times he was still alive. Family heirlooms are so special and they always bring back good times. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 😊

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    • Thank you for such a lovely and caring comment. Glad the poem pleased you as well. When I speak today, my parents speak through me. First of all, I sound just like my mother did and secondly, what I have to say sounds like my father and his advice. Family heirlooms are special and just holding them evokes memories. Have a great weekend, too. Thank you once again. Much appreciated.

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      • Bel says:

        It’s great how similar we are to our parents and how we don’t always see it when we’re growing up. Now that we look back – it’s all the more clearer. I’m sure your parents are proud of you and constantly watching over you. 😊

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      • You just made my day! When we are older, we learn to appreciate them and realize how difficult it must have been to be a parent. It’s all about love. I believe you and I both had great loving parents. Enjoy the weekend.

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  5. Annika Perry says:

    Mary Ann, the child within you still shines bright and your poem sparkles with the wonder of your young self! The items items from years ago bring back not only touching memories to you but ones you share beautifully with us. How special to see your music, the clothes are so sweet and I too was looking at the waist, so so tiny! Bless you and your ‘direct line’ to your parents, precious! Warmest hugs, my friend! ❤️

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    • Annika, your comment brightened my day. You are so right about my “young” self, but how could my waist have been so small? All the hours of practicing the piano paid off in the long run. I hope the trip to Denmark was fun for your son and his girlfriend. Blessings back to you. My direct line continues. I find so much joy in speaking with them as well. Hugs, dear lady. Have a great week ahead. ^__^

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