Music Colors My Life!

Musical notes, beats, rests, keys, sharps, flats, major, minor, staff, treble clef, bass clef, rhythms, voices, moods, time signatures, adagio, allegro, forte, chant, chamber, carols, classical, dynamics, fermata, leitmotifs, sonata, staff, concerto, tones, voices – all this and more characterize the varied forms music contains.

When I studied classical piano for 12+ years and in college, I immersed myself in the language of the soul: music.  It is the true international language which comforts, soothes and lifts us up the spirit.  A lifetime of music still reveals its many facets to me.  Probably the more difficult forms for me to listen to still would be the 12 tone music of Arnold Schönberg and the more modern techno music.  However, instead of majoring in music in college, I chose German as my major focus and studied in Germany.  I did not leave my music behind though and continued as a music director in several churches as well as piano playing at home.

These days I practice choral singing with the Syracuse Chorale, the Pops with Symphoria and the Berkshire Choral International. I’ve had the delight of making new friends from around the world as I continue my music adventure.  New experiences await me around the corner.  Never a dull moment along the music path of life either.  What fun and joy await those who choose to participate!  Happy New Year and may 2019 find your lives enriched with newly-faceted colors!

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14 Responses to Music Colors My Life!

  1. Donna Maria says:

    That is a great gift music and thank you for sharing it with us take care and God bless Merry Christmas Happy New Year

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  2. Arno Bode, Cologne,Germany says:

    Liebe Mary Ann,
    wenn man Deinen Blogbeitrag liest,spürt man regelrecht wie die Musik Dich zum glücklichen Leben geprägt hat. Eine wunderschöne Einstellung zur Musik, die Dich zu einer ganz liebenswerten Person gemacht hat.So empfinden es sicher auch deine anderen treuen Leser.Bewahre Dir dein Engagement und genieße jeden musikalischen Augenblick.Alles Gute für einen großen Auftritt in 2019 in Prag für Dich und den Chor. Es ist wundervoll zu sehen ,wie Deine Familie von deinen Ambitionen profitiert.
    Für das kommende Jahr,viel Glück,Freude und Gesundheit und alles Gute
    wünscht Dir
    Dein Arno

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    • Lieber Arno, many thanks for such an insightful comment about me and my music. It is my life and began in Massachusetts at an early age. I cannot imagine a life without music. My husband and I are preparing Dvorak’s Stabat Mater for Aug. 2019 in Prague at the Castle with the Berkshire Choral International. We wish you and your family a peaceful 2019 with good health. Deine Mary Ann


  3. Clare Pooley says:

    I am so pleased you continue to derive so much pleasure from music, Mary Ann. It is, as you say, a universal language and I am sure there is music to suit everyone, every occasion and every mood.
    A very happy new year to you and your family!

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  4. Annika Perry says:

    A beautiful post celebrating music and all its wondrous hold on our lives and soul. Your joy in your musical world shines through, inspirational and giving so much to you through the music, friendships, adventures as well as giving a new experience to the audience! Wishing you much joy and light in the coming year, Mary Ann! Xx

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    • My heart is full with music this morning. You wrote such a lovely comment to me too. Thank you, thank you. The friendships through music seem endless. I know you have a love for music as well. Your kindness is much appreciated. Peace, joy, love and light to you in 2019, Annika. May it be a good year!

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  5. Looks like some wonderful musical experiences. May you have a very musical and fulfilling New Year.

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