Max Predicts a White Christmas

My blog this week features guest writer, Jerry Melvin, my former School Superintendent with the North Syracuse Schools in Upstate New York. He wrote weekly columns in the local newspaper under the byline Superintendent’s Report.  Thank you, Jerry.  Merry Christmas to all.  Hope it’s a white one.

 Weather-telling Dog Prepares for Penn State

A few weeks ago, in discussing my failure to accurately predict the weather this past winter, I wrote that one of our parents had gotten my attention when he wanted to know if Max, our very small miniature schnauzer, was calling weather shots.

He might as well have. I concluded the column by stating that Max would be off to Penn State in the fall to study meteorology.

Since then, I received some calls from folks who wanted to know how Max got to Penn State without any formal high school program. Reluctantly, I must admit that Max has been home-bound for some time, working one-on-one with a very patient tutor.  Max has embarrassed himself and his family on a number of occasions due to his inability to follow proper training standards.  In other words, Max does not always act s one would expect from such a talented canine when it comes to being house-broken.

My wife has a bag full of alibis to explain Max’s many indiscretions. She argues that one year he was taught by a teacher who emphasized phonics and the next year, he was moved into whole language.  She also reminds me that he was placed in a heterogeneous class when he was very young, but eh next year his school adopted homogeneous grouping.  She won’t let me forget that he was enrolled in one school that allowed social promotion, but the next year, the school adopted a strong retention policy.

I keep replying that the research changes from time to time, but she doesn’t want to hear any of this.

To be truthful, she’s not happy that Max will be off to Penn State in September, but I told her Pa Joe can always use a wide receiver. The problem with Max is that once he catches the ball, he doesn’t give it back and just keeps running.

She fears that Max will be lonely. I suggested that maybe we can get a scholarship for his nephew, Alex, a venerable blue point Siamese cat.  According to her, she read somewhere that one college even gave a scholarship to a sibling just to entice the star player they were after.  I couldn’t imagine anything like that.  But if that’s true, would they offer a scholarship to a nephew?

Max is really getting excited about going to State College. In fact, every night when Dave Eichorn comes on, he focuses on the Doppler and appears to understand its real value, whatever that might be.


by Jerry Melvin aka Dr. Jerome F. Melvin, Superintendent of Schools

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6 Responses to Max Predicts a White Christmas

  1. Such a delightful post, you had me laughing all the way… 🙂 Thanks Mary Ann and Jerry! P.S. I’m a retired teacher (grades 4-8). Wishing you all (canines included) A Very Merry Christmas and Abundant Blessings in the New Year!

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  2. Emily says:

    I love the post Dr. Melvin! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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