The Art of the Thank You Note


As young ladies, we learned proper
etiquette and to write a thank you note
when a relative or friend gave us
a gift. The initial thank you notes

were simple and brief. On hand I
keep beautiful boxes of thank
you notes from art museums
in a variety of colors and styles.


Thinking of the recipient is the
key. An assortment of beautiful
stamps from the post office is at
the ready too. The importance of

writing a thoughtful thank you note
in a timely fashion cannot be understated.
Writing the note by hand
personalizes and completes the task.

It is the mark of a classy person
and one with integrity.
Waiting weeks and months
is a huge faux pas.

We recently were invited to breakfast
with our former pastor who is the
master of the thank you note. It
is quite simply the right thing to do.


Imagine his joy when he opens four
thank you notes from us! Each one with a
different style of card and stamp. He
will cherish them as much as we do his

generosity. Chalk it up to the hectic
pace of life and technology? No.
Slow down. Write that thank you card
and smile at your good deed.


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7 Responses to The Art of the Thank You Note

  1. Must share… ❤ I treasure each note that I receive, keep them on my desk for a while to make me smile and save them all! Like you, I love finding beautiful cards to send and add coordinating postage stamps and return address labels. Hand written Thank You Notes are as much a joy to give as they are to receive. ❤ Sending lots of love your way, Mary Ann! xo

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  2. Peter Klopp says:

    I usually design a thank you card from the ground up. I start with a photo of us or of the recipient whose photo I took during the event we were invited to. Then I add a personal note, sometimes even a poem which I had composed with a thank you verse woven into it. On first sight it looks like a commercial card, but at closer look it reveals that personal touch that makes all the difference in the world. The art of writing a thank you note needs to be revived. Thank you Mary Ann!

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  3. Thoughtfully beautiful. I loved this.

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