A Sumptuous Feast Awaits!

Costa Rica reveals itself as
a tropical paradise! Breathtaking
wonders leave me awestruck!
A veritable feast awaits.

Brilliant hues in the sky
and on earth below. Ubiquitous
flora and fauna, butterflies,
Rainbows, streams and forests.

An endless array of actors
appear on stage. My niece Sally
is the photographer and director
of the unending array of images,

a sustenance for us to savor.
Awestruck by the lush
tropical environment,
I am at a loss for words.

Such a sumptuous array!
Exquisite treasures. Surely
heavenly angels have
spread gentle pink and

IMG_7748 081618

blue blankets over the
earth. A hushed prayer
as I ponder the rainbows,
searching for that pot of gold.

IMG_7751 081618

IMG_7519 071718

Many thanks to photographer and blogger extraordinaire, my niece, Sally Rose Dolak who lives in and blogs from Costa Rica. Her site is: http://www.puriscalproperty.com/

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6 Responses to A Sumptuous Feast Awaits!

  1. Peter Klopp says:

    These are truly extraordinary images of nature’s paradise, Mary Ann. I followed the link to your niece’s website and I must say admiringly, I am impressed at the high quality of her photographic work and not just from a technical viewpoint. Her heart is in every one of her amazing pictures. Best wishes! Peter

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    • Sally is a true gifted artist and shares her talents with all of us. I have often told her that these images deserve National Geographic coverage. I am honored that she allows me to share these photos with the public. Thank you for such a kind, insightful comment which I shall share with Sally. Enjoy your weekend. Mary Ann

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  2. What a treat! Thanks for sharing those glorious photos.

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  3. Exquisite, Mary Ann! Must share… xo

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