Why Taking a Break Matters


Vacation time allows us to recalibrate.

We gain a fresh perspective on our lives.

Traveling and exploring new places and

meeting new people in other countries

always affords a new outlook on life.


Vacations allow us to spend more time

with family and other loved ones. We

de-stress, enrich our bonds. Life is short,

so it is necessary to set aside time

to connect with yourself and others.


Taking vacations keep us young! Chronic

stress accelerates the aging process. Even

mini-vacations restore and renew. We

create an inner peace of mind and relax.

Spend a week at the beach to see routines change.


As a retired educator, I find it is still necessary

to set aside regular time for that walk at the

lake or to sit on front porch and enjoy nature

right in front of my eyes. Rest serves the family

as well. Teaching was not only hard work,


it was also “heart” work. Being a music minister

can be taxing on many levels since singers

use their entire bodies. Most professions

involve multiple levels: mental, emotional, relational

and spiritual. So be courageous and rest.


We were crafted with bodily needs such as

air, water, food and rest; we learn to care for

ourselves by taking breaks from time to time;

we empower ourselves and become more

effective and creative. So, rest,  refresh and renew!




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24 Responses to Why Taking a Break Matters

  1. Peter Klopp says:

    Very good advice for all of us dealing with stress in our turbulent times, Mary Ann!

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  2. Libby Sommer says:

    couldn’t agree more. thanks for the reminder. so important to rest and regenerate. and being close to nature is such a great way to do it.

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  3. Lovely photos and a great message, Mary Ann! ❤ xo

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  4. Lovely words and beautiful photos!

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  5. Annika Perry says:

    Mary Ann, a wonderful celebration about vacations, chronicling all their fantastic benefits. In today’s world we seem to stop less and less, so this gentle beautiful reminder is much needed. How true that we need to ‘… be courageous and rest.’ I was touched about your reference to your work as an educator as “heart” work … poetically written and captures the very soul of such work, where one puts the whole heart into helping others, being creative. Personally I am looking forward to my long summer break in Sweden, heading over later this month. I know endless of days of relaxation is incredibly rejuvenating – I come home refreshed and re-inspired! Enjoy your break! xx🌸🌺🌻

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    • Thank you for such a thoughtful comment regarding vacation time. It is always good in life to pause and recharge the batteries so to speak. Being an educator was indeed “heart” work and my passion. I envy you your days in Sweden to rest and refresh your creative spirit. It is so necessary for all of us to hit the pause button every now and then. I wish for you courage and restful days ahead. Do UK schools have a six week summer holiday as in Germany? In the US, it is mostly 8 weeks but varies from state to state. NY State ends about the third week of June and commences again in September after Labor Day. Happy holidays to you and yours!

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  6. Arno Bode,Cologne,Germany says:

    Liebe Mary Ann,
    beeindruckend ,wie Du deine Eindrücke,deine Empfindungen und deine Verbundenheit zur Natur in dieser hecktischen Zeit verbal in faszinierende Formulierungen und Worte bringen kannst. Ein berührender Bericht mit stimmungsvoll gestaltenden Fotos ergänzt. Ansprechend und zum Nachdenken anregend. Ich selbst habe gerade eine wunderschöne Woche im Süd-Westen Deutschlands in Baden – Baden verbracht. Genau im Sinne dener Schilderung.
    Alles Liebe und Gute für Dich und deine Familie
    wünscht Dir
    Dein Arno

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    • Lieber Arno,
      so wie ich Deutsch mit Herz gelehrt habe, schreibe ich auch Gedichte und Beschreibungen von Natur, Musik und Gefühlen. Wir alle müssen Pausen und Ferien machen, damit wir uns selbst und unsere Beziehungen mit anderen erneuern. Wir können nicht in einem Vakuum leben. Wir müssen freundlich und verständnisvoll gegenüber anderen sein, auch gegenüber denen, mit denen wir nicht übereinstimmen. Das Leben ist kurz. Wir müssen es mit Gnade und Absicht leben. Mögest du Glück und Musik auch in deinem Leben haben. Vielen Dank für Deinen nachdenklichen und aufschlussreichen Kommentar.
      Alles Liebe und Gute für Dich und deine Familie
      wünscht Dir
      Deine Mary Ann

      Dear Arno,
      just as I taught German with heart, so also do I write poetry and descriptions of nature, music and feelings. We all need to take breaks and vacations so that we renew ourselves and our relationships with others. We cannot live in a vacuum. We need to be kind and understanding of others, even those with whom we may disagree. Life is short. We must live it with grace and intentionally. May you have happiness and music in your life too. Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful comment.
      With many greetings and best wishes to you and your family
      Your Mary Ann


  7. gkexplorers says:

    Hey Dr. Mary!

    I need to start saving up and planning my next vacation before it is too late! Hopefully when it is planned and I am heading over I can finally relax haha

    Your friends at GKexplorers,

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  8. Nice advice, and so true, Dr. Mary Ann! Have a great weekend. Michael

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