On Owning a Home


Maintenance is an key part of owning  a home.  We fell in love with the corner lot with mature trees affording abundant shade and surrounding cul-de-sacs.  Our children were young, and it was safe to play in the streets.  Cars slowed down for others in the neighborhood.

After our adult children moved on to their own lives, we decided to make improvements i.e. new windows, roof, insulation, siding, etc.  Soon the landscapers will return for a new walkway and patio in the backyard.

Having good neighbors is important. We chose to be close to our supermarket, to doctors and hospitals and reasoned that living in the suburbs worked for us.  Neither of us wanted to live in a large city but having access made sense. And playmates were plentiful. Art museums and a symphony were added bonuses plus good schools and several nearby universities.


Occasionally it is necessary to have appliances repaired. We normally relied on word of mouth recommendations for reliable repairmen or found them from the manufacturer.  Better Business Bureau has helped over the years too.


So, after two outrageously expensive and unnecessary service and labor charges from a suspiciously unprofessional repairman, I had a hunch that something was amiss. It’s a gut instinct sort of thing.  I can usually size a person up in a matter of seconds.  I was not on guard as I should have been.  It was the ice maker in the refrigerator.  Who walks in and assesses that I need a new ice maker within 5 minutes instead of investigating the reason why it was not making ice?  The answer is someone who is lazy, greedy and looking to take advantage of others.  Lesson learned the hard way.  It was easier for him to put a new one in.  But was it new?  Just like the new motherboard installed on the return visit which was not in original packaging.  I normally watch and question repair people who are in my house.  This time, for whatever reason, I was distracted and did not.


How did I discover this? I phoned the local company which sold us our washer and dryer.  These days their showroom is gone, and they only do repairs.  After the washer was repaired, I mentioned the ice maker and the repairman who overcharged us. I showed him the two bills and my husband and I had a pleasant conversation.  Without a further charge, our ice maker was removed because of an ice buildup, and it was back and running.

Apparently the other repairman is known as a rip-off artist and is considered less than honest and qualified.   Lesson learned the hard way.  This person will not darken  our doorstep again. Next on the agenda will be to report him and his practices to the Better Business Bureau.  And to speak to our lawyer son.


My faith in the goodness of others remains. There are a few rotten apples along the way, and sadly, we encountered an especially bad one.  Now focus on the positive and beautiful weather for a long holiday weekend.

Happy Memorial Day! Our flags our flying in remembrance!



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7 Responses to On Owning a Home

  1. Peter Klopp says:

    A second opinion from knowledgeable people on the qualification and honesty of a repair man is a good beginning to avoid the pitfalls of a in-home repair job.

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  2. Your photos are lovely. Our ice-maker is not working correctly, so we’re going to have to find a repairman. Thanks for writing about yours.

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  3. Array says:

    Great read! Hope all is well

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  4. Thank you for sharing your experience. You are brave to take this to the next level. Please keep us posted what comes out from BBB.

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