Slithering Snake in Suburbia


Silly me! Why I thought I would never see a snake in our garden here in Upstate New York, I don’t know.  I had my fill as a young girl in Massachusetts and then the big, long rattlesnakes in Colorado, followed by a few bull snakes in Tennessee.  I have never been a fan of snakes.

A package was delivered to the front porch so I went outside, and the young man informed me of a snake in the garden! Intrigued, I had him point it out.  Am I braver these days?  They are not my favorite.   I fetched the iPad and took photos.  How long was this visitor?  About 18″-24″ long and just sunning itself and minding its own business.


There are plenty of little neighborhood boys who would relish a glance of this. Maybe even the girls.  In Massachusetts, we just ran screaming to our father who would get his ax and that would take care of matters.  Once we really shouted loudly when our mother unknowingly brought one into our Sturbridge house in her laundry basket.  The living room was dim as we viewed television.  Our mother folded laundry when out of the corner of my eye, I saw all the laundry thrown up to the ceiling as she shouted for our father.

My biologist husband took one look and declared it a harmless garter snake and probably a female. How does he do that?  So now I will name this visitor:  Sage.  Sage enough to slither away from prying eyes.  Never a dull moment in paradise!



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10 Responses to Slithering Snake in Suburbia

  1. I’m definitely not a fan of snakes, but enjoyed your post. Dan and I were out in the Mojave Desert in the 90s and spotted a Mojave Green Rattler as we were walking paths through the Poppy Fields. Dan did get manage to get a photo, but all I wanted to get was OUT OF THERE.. Snakes aside, your flowers are lovely! ❤ Have a wonderful weekend, Mary Ann. xo

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    • Thanks for the comment, Bette. I can barely look at photos of them, much less seeing them up close. Respect for rattlers and water moccasins. Brave Dan. I would be right behind you getting OUT OF THERE. I had a good laugh. Thanks for mentioning the flowers. Each year when my husband hangs new baskets, we wait to see if a bird will build a nest in one. We have had several families in the baskets. Have a wonderful weekend too. Nice weather today.


  2. balroop2013 says:

    I salute your bravery Mary Ann…clicking pictures of a snake!! Thanks for sharing the story.

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    • Your kind comment is much appreciated. While I was documenting with photos, I was perched high enough to be out of the way. Or so I thought! When I returned later, it slithered up and over the small brick wall and hid underneath a stone step. The second time gave me goose bumps. I have a healthy respect for them. Enjoy the weekend, Balroop.

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  3. You remained calm. That’s important!

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  4. Peter Klopp says:

    Dear Mary Ann, I like your photos very much and your story on snakes. Apparently over the years you have learned to overcome your ophiophobia at least a little bit. We have very few poisonous snakes here in Canada. Have a great weekend!

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    • Lieber Peter, thank you so much for the comment. Let’s just say, I have respect and try to keep my distance from snakes. I hope we do not have many poisonous snakes here either. Enjoy your weekend in Canada. Are people watching the royal wedding in Canada?

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      • Peter Klopp says:

        It is the May long weekend with Monday being the Victoria Day. Like anywhere else in the world, many will be glued to the TV screen, but most would rather go out and enjoy Nature. Have a great weekend, liebe May Ann!

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      • Thanks for the insightful comment full of details. I had forgotten about Victoria Day and the long weekend. Our long weekend falls at the end of May with Memorial Day. Mother Nature has provided abundant and steady rain today. I will enjoy Nature from the indoors!

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