Lost in Thought

The park benches are angled and face one another.
Dedicated to a husband and wife. His bench reads
“run, run, run” and hers is “walk, walk, walk.”
Frequently I pondered how they viewed life
here by the lake. Perhaps he was driven in
his profession, and she tried to help him slow down.

Pondering the same dilemma of running versus
walking, I muse if I am in a hurry or
should I take time to reflect upon nature’s beauty
as I listen to the birds and ducks? Or I might slow
the walk and sit on the bench. Perhaps just be.
These mini-retreats restore my spirit.

She passed twenty-four years ago; yet,
I can still hear her voice and words in my
heart as if we had a conversation a few
moments ago: my mother, Mary Elizabeth.
I reflected on her family tree of Dolan, Connor,
Ryan, Connell, O’Neil, Keating and Mooney.

Fascinating how the two sides of the family
left Ireland and Poland to settle in Massachusetts
and Connecticut. Life is precious.  So, yes, I still
meditate and contemplate my life and parents and
give silent thanks that they showed me love,
faith and the importance of family.

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18 Responses to Lost in Thought

  1. Sadah says:

    This is great.

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  2. Profound poetic ponderings beautifully portrayed, Mary Ann…

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  3. What precious memories you have! I enjoyed all the photos, too.

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  4. balroop2013 says:

    Lovely pictures synchronise with your thoughts and memories! Stay blessed!

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  5. A beautiful reflection on the important things in life.

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  6. Dee says:

    Wonderful post, Mary Ann! I’d definitely pick walking over running, but even still it’s amazing how quickly time flies regardless and how that makes us realise the importance of family.

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  7. Cathy W Levenson says:

    Dear Dr. Niemczura,
    I was a student of yours in in the late 70’s. I was in awe of your intelligence and talent. You always demanded our best. And always gave us too the tools and support we needed to meet your high expectations. I went on to take two more years of German at the University of Virginia. I am now a full professor at the Florida State University College of Medicine. Thank you for showing me what a true academic looks like.
    Cathy Wilson Levenson

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    • Hello, Professor Levenson! I do recall you and wondered what happened to you. Granby H.S.? Right? How wonderful to hear from you and so kind of you to write. I retired almost three years ago after an almost 50 yr. teaching career. I am so proud of you that you continued German at UVA. You wanted to be an MD as I recall. I assume you are from your current career. Our son and his wife live in Tallahassee, FL and he attended FSU law school and is currently a lawyer there. What a small world! I introduced the video conferences with German schools in Upstate NY and for almost 25 years, entire classes conversed, sang and exchanged project with one another. Technology finally caught up with my vision for students who might never travel to Germany. Thank you for such kind words which truly humble me. I never stopped having my high expectations for students. Full professor at FSU School of Medicine? What do you teach? I just sent you a friend request on FB. I began social media when I published my book A Past Worth Telling. I’m also on FB. as well as Twitter. When you accept my request, I can send you private contact information should you wish to play catch-up. How long have you been married? I would love to remain in contact. I see that you also sing! What a small world. I have been studying voice privately and sing in several local groups with orchestras; Syracuse Chorale and Syracuse Pops with Symphoria. My husband has been studying voice privately as well. Next Aug. 2019, we will sing in Prague at the castle with the Berkshire Choral International. I sang in Baltimore with this group in June at Kraushaar Auditorium on the Goucher College Campus. My focus is on classical music although I flew to Washington State and sang some country music with several of my sister’s groups. That was an interesting experience. She plays fiddle these days and sings. My sisters and I played classical piano for many years. Enough about me for now. My book is a poetic memoir with short poems and introductions about my life in Mass., in Colo. , in Upstate NY and in Germany. I went on to be a Fulbright Exchange Teacher for one year each time: in Neresheim(about 1.5 hours from Stuttgart) and in the former East Berlin. Our two children(son and daughter) came with me both times and became fluent in German. What kind of music do you sing? I would love to hear you sometime. Perhaps it is an excuse for me to visit family in Tallahassee and find you where you are performing. Cathy, I am proud of you and your accomplishments in life! I knew you would be successful. Call it teacher’s intuition. I have to tell you that this “true academic” is a lifelong learner who loves delving into new projects and travel adventures. Thank you for writing, and I hope to remain in touch when you find the time. Teaching German was always my passion, and I was fortunate to be able to continue my passion in Upstate NY after I left VA. All the best to you and yours,

      Mary Ann Niemczura, Ph.D. aka
      Dr. Niemczura


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