Mrs. Santa’s Sleigh



What with elves making toys
and Santa filling his fleet of sleighs,
Mrs. Santa decided she needed a
new sleigh to dash about.

So it was off to the sleigh store
to pick out the very best and
most practical one to transport
groceries and other items.


Mrs. Santa felt that her husband
was old school and it was time
to modernize. She liked the
purple one but for Christmas

she wanted the red one.
No two-wheelers for her.
Mrs. Santa is getting a stylish
red three-wheeler model.


Who knows but maybe
next year Santa will also
want to modernize his fleet?
The elves on three-wheelers!



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18 Responses to Mrs. Santa’s Sleigh

  1. So pretty😁 love the festive season

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  2. Tom says:

    Mrs. Santa has a cool new ride! Rudolph can take the season off.

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  3. Love it, Mary Ann! ❤ Wishing you and yours The Very Merriest Christmas… xo

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  4. Now that’s a sleigh! Cherry red–can’t beat it.

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  5. Oh, you also have Mrs. Santa? Funny! Sorry, never heared before. And – dont tell anyone – thinking on the rendeer, since some years i always have to think on our bishop with the same name. LOL

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  6. As i read 12.9xxx $ for this sleigh, i think its not too expensive for such a future toy.;-)

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