Sumptuous September


Words and images swirl about in my head

as I savor autumn delights and colors:


full garden growth of vegetables and flowers,

luscious apples almost harvest ready.


Imagine the pies, cakes and sauces.

This long-awaited annual opulence of September

has arrived at last. Shorter days.  Cool mornings.


A breeze with a slight chill in the air.

I have observed the garden growing and

the birds busy making nests and their songs.


Extravagant and awe-inspiring beauty.

Listening to the cacophony of sounds


meandering through the gardens, I marvel

at the magnitude and extravagance of nature.


I wonder how I can be so lucky. I luxuriate in the sun.

We are truly blessed. I am grateful for the harvest.

IMG_4667 (3)



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4 Responses to Sumptuous September

  1. Gorgeous photos! I share your enthusiasm for September.

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    • Thank you. Taking stock of the vegetables and fruits to be harvested is always an enjoyable task. It is not yet cold enough for snow and abundant sunshine is still there. I love these late days of summer and the soon-to-come fall colors. I especially enjoy the fact that today marks two years of retirement which has been so enjoyable.


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