Grand Like Nowhere Else

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Arizona With Heart 

go to the Red Rocks

go to Arizona

Arizona is hot

Arizona is dry

dry heat comforts

dry air means to hydrate

hydrate often

hydrate loads

loads of cacti

loads of red

red sidewalks

red dirt

dirt and copper

dirt and lizards

lizards dart

lizards play

play and shop

play and sightsee

sightsee Sedona

sightsee Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon via mule

Grand Canyon tour

tour Tlaquepaque

tour Oak Creek Canyon

canyon rivers wind

canyon roads climb


climb higher to Jerome

climb one mile high

high water cascades

high elevations

elevations with views

elevations with vistas

vistas with endless valleys

vistas with colors

colors of many hues

colors for the soul

soul yearns

soul fills with love

love the layers

love the blue

blue sky

blue water

water in the canyon

water flowing

flowing in my veins

flowing to my heart

heart and mind




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18 Responses to Grand Like Nowhere Else

  1. Emily says:

    I miss it so much already! Amazing photos and colors. I love it and love your writing it’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    • Your comment is so very kind. I am humbled by your words and am glad you like my writing. The Grand Canyon has a way of creating awe. I too miss it and could spend much more time there and never be bored. Have a great weekend. ^__^

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  2. janowrite says:

    Great post! Have lived in AZ and adore Sedona. Your words and pictures capture the mood!

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  3. What marvelous photos! Your words caught the essence of the area. Most enjoyable!

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    • How very kind of you to say. Words simply are insufficient to describe the feeling of awe and wonder one feels when in Sedona and the Grand Canyon. Those red rocks still beckon. Enjoy the weekend. ^__^


  4. What a gorgeous land. I am looking to move for the last time. I’d love Arizona but I think it’s too hot. I wilt in that much heat.


    • The key in the Southwest is low humidity; therefore, heat does not bother as much as a higher humidity. Sedona’s altitude of 4400′ meant cooler weather than Phoenix. Our days were in the 80s and pleasant. In a heartbeat, I would move to Arizona or Colorado and probably the latter since I also like my mountains. Dry, hot air but cool nights with 60F. Flagstaff is higher in elevation with mountains. I highly recommend a visit of 10-14 days to see how you do. I can’t stand humidity and wilt. Our son lives in FL. He can keep the climate. At least I have my 4 seasons in Upstate NY. New Mexico is also lovely with Taos and Santa Fe my favorites. Have you visited any of the Southwest?

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      • I went to Prescott Arizona. It just wasn’t right. I’m thinking of spending a few days in the panhandle of Texas, but your pictures here are exactly what I am looking for. More nature than people.

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      • Sedona is gorgeous. Panhandle of TX has too many storms for my tastes and in winter, it can be brutal. Move into the north of Arizona to find what you like. Some folks prefer Cottonwood, just outside Sedona but surrounded with red rocks. While I enjoy the canyon outside Sedona, it is different and cooler, but still with red rocks. Certainly where I was, abundant nature was evident. Some say that Santa Fe rivals Sedona. I believe the entire state of AZ only has 5-7 million population.

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  6. dgkaye says:

    My love for Arizona abounds. I’ve wintered there the past few years. Been to all those gorgeous places. 🙂

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